Tell me about Sitake

I watch the football and basketball teams and it seems like every time there is a big or important game, they rarely win. So I ask the question. Why don’t they win those important key games? As I start to go deeper, the conclusion I have been coming up with over and over again is discipline. When I look at the really good teams that are always there at the end, there are strict disciplinarians as coaches. We have an LDS culture and that means self control. Yet when it comes to translating to the sports world there seems to be a disconnect when it comes to discipline.

At times there is stupid, out of control basketball play and turnovers and bad shot selection galore. Why is that missing? There is really good talent there, why does the self control and controlled play go out the window so often?

I don’t know what to think about the first quarter at the LV Bowl. Utah was committing regular muggings on the field and there were no calls. But the players totally lost their self control.

So, someone tell me about Sitake. He worked with Kyle so I expect a lot of emphasis on discipline. That is what we need to get to the next level, are we going to get it?

You bring up a great point. I have lost some sleep over Rose and his defense or lack there of…I think this year we have a case of lack of chemistry… where KC runs the team and he is hardly a point guard. The point runs the team. Our seniors give the team their identity and they are struggling. Once the Lone Peak guys get back together, we should see a major change with basketball starting next year.

As for the football team, the talent is there and we have the best leader in America with Tanner. Anae and Bronco lost that game for us in Vegas. Bronco had plateaued and it was time for a fresh start. Sitake should bring a major upgrade talent wise. Especially on the Oline. Depending on who he hires as coaches, I see great things in store for BYU.

I can’t say much about BYU discipline. It may be the LDS culture?

man I hope you are right. I worry though because you kind of alluded to the notion that BYU would do well this year. I have tired from watching KC run the point. I am sick of watching Fischer disappear on both ends of the court. These are the seniors who should be leading and playing at a higher level… and they just don’t.

So much potential and going nowhere right now.

the premise was that BYU suffered last year due to not having any inside game. Davis has delivered in a steady way. Kaufusi seems to have digressed but still, our problem is not the low post.

I assumed that we would not miss Haws points. What we are missing is Haws FT rate. BYU has lost 2 games now because of poor FT shooting. We can extrapolate the remaining 18 or so games and I see at least 5 or 6 more losses just on FT rate alone. Scary.

More bad news…

Our losses have nothing to do with our low post play. We are getting an average of 14 more points down low this year over last. Our losses are mounting due to poor assist to turnover rate. KC is well below the national average. And when KC does pass it, his primary target is Fischer, Mr 0 in games. Even then, BYU would be OK if we could hit a free throw but we rank in the bottom 10% of D1 teams a FT makes.

We can fix the turnover rate by changing point guards. We most likely cannot fix the FT rate

I agree with you completely except that I think the FT rate can be fixed. It is called repetition and mechanics. I think Scott has explained it in the past. If it is important enough to the coaches and team it can be fixed. The problem is that it puts the players at a psychological disadvantage and it is as much mental as anything. The perfect example can be seen with my favorite player Fischer… early in the game he worked the ball to the basket and instead of passing to a wide open Davis for an easy basket he tried to force his way through a double team. He did draw a foul but missed both free throws. In my opinion, and I said as much at the time, his selfisch play was an omen… he missed both free throws and was worthless in his 30+ minutes the rest of the way.

Each aspect of a game affects the others. That is why this team, while talented, is so bad right now.

I’m not sure if we actually have a “point guard.” The way the motion offense runs, any of the 3 have the ball at the point. But, that isn’t the real problem. KC is the best player on the court. He should handle the ball the most.
Watch what happens when the others get the ball and get harassed by the D. They get flustered! Chatman just isn’t ready to handle it for long periods of time. Emery goes into crazy dribbling fits. Fischer blanks out and backs himself into a corner. Look, Kobe has played the 3 most of his career but handled the ball the most. So, did Jordan. So does Labron and so on.
KC simply has to make better decisions with the ball when passing.

Hey fellas. Is the the football board or the basketball board?

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First and foremost this guy has football number 1 on his list of priorities at BYU, not 5th like Donco. Sitake has a few things at number one though, he can do that because his give a ■■■■ level is sky high on alot of things. He will put a fire in his team that we haven’t seen in a while. He loves his players so much and you will see there loyalty to him. He is just flat out better than Donco in every area. I’m not saying that he’s going to win 13 games next year because that won’t happen, there is a huge learning curve that will take him a season or two to settle into. But the heart, loyalty and fight will be there from day 1.

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Yeah not 5th in priorities, that always bugged the crap out of me. When you get a Detmer along with all the other coaches and I promise there will be some seasoned veterans in there, we are gonna enjoy this ride.

Bronco did us a huge favor by taking Anae and Howell with him

I am very much looking forward to these rides you speak of Chris.

So how many years until we start the rides? In football and basketball?

Here is the start Jim,

As for Rose, you know I think the Lone Peak boys will run the show them selves. Those rides will start in 10 months.

No wait. We go 13-0 and a national championship and in BB a final 4!