Terrible play call loses game

3rd and 5 on the ucla 15 yard line. Byu is up by 3 but bruins have the momentum…and Robbie, Robot, Anae once again calls the stupid dive. Game over. Jeez. Why go all conservative every time you have a lead? Man, I knew Anae was going to call the dive in that situation and so did the ucla defense. Another fine byu performance frittered away by Dr. Anae dialing up the dismal dive in crucial situations. Unbelievable. Keep the foot on the gas pedal byu, and you win!! Stop selling out with the dang dive every time in crucial situations.

The sad thing about it all is that the Robot actually had a good game plan that, when utilized, was pretty effective. The problem is that he just went away from it when it mattered and when it was a critical call to keep a drive alive.

That is the most annoying part of all this… the fact that he shows signs of appearing to know what he is doing and then just absolutely makes the worst call at the most important time in the game.

Uggghhh, frustrating.

Matthews was brilliant. Houk was great. But particularly Matthews, and we ignored him when it mattered most. Come on, Anae, if you want to run on 3rd and five, please run to the edge with Ho Ching leading–a play that had succeeded all night. Don’t look scared. And please tell me when we are 15 yards from glory and UCLA cannot stop Matthews and Houk on short routes, I really did NOT see Anae run a delayed draw to Nate Carter. Tell me it was a nightmare.

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Here is the thing…

If Bronco had not had a major brain fart at half time… and allowed UCLA to score at will in the second half… Anae would have been told he had a great game plan…

This loss is SOLELY on Bronco for not being able to adjust to what UCLA was doing… His gimmick blitz packages worked to perfection in the first half, unfortunately UCLA adjusted at half time and Bronco failed to counter to the adjustment…

This loss was not on ANAE (although some of his decisions can be question), because the OFFENSE gave BYU every chance to win the game and the defense allowed UCLA to score at will.

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24 points is not “scoring at will”. I agree that the defense needed to focus a little more on the run, but a lot of that was a matter of wrapping up and tackling as opposed to the scheme they were running.

Anae had his share of second half brain farts… they didn’t get the job done when they could have…

This has been a pattern this year. Defense gives up points in the second half’s of all three games. That better change.
We also had to take 2 timeouts early in the second half. That ended up hurting in the 4th quarter when we need to take time outs. And they were just really bad timeouts too. Unnecessary!

There are some things to fix on both sides of the ball for sure.

There was no reason to lose that game by one lousy point… but then again, there was no reason they should have won those last two the way they did.

BYU was just as good a team as UCLA.

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Sorry C_Hamp_

I thought that for the first 56.5 minutes of the game, the play calling was brilliant and the best I have seen in the past 11 years.

I thought that the 1 point loss vs the #10 team in the Nation was every bit as impressive as the win vs the #20 in the Nation,Boise State, and the win over the Unranked Nebraska.

I agree, that one point loss caused us to go down in the polls. (6 Points) but should not have gone down more than 2 points as the last minutes of win by 1 point only allowed the #10 team to go up by 1 point in the polls.

yes, the wins vs Nebraska and Boise State allowed us to climb big time in the polls. I agree.

A 11-1 season with our schedule will allow us to play in the P4 playoffs if we look good doing it.

I didn’t like, (and for good reason) the play calling in the last 3.5 minutes of the game. Everyone around me screamed when we chose to go for the final field goal instead of the Hail Marry.
4th and 7. 3.5 minutes left in the game. 3 points different before the field goal. 6 points difference after the field goal allowed UCLA to score 7 points for the one point win and clock management game the game to them.

To me this was like kicking a field goal in the last minutes of the game instead of going for the 7 points if we were trailing by 6.