Terry Nashif is leaving coaching to pursue business interests

Rose was in the hot seat this year, is this a coincidence?

Heath Schroyer, who was a BYU assistant from 1997-2001. Since that time, BYU may not have the money to lure him back to Provo.
That is sad about lack of funding.
Noah Hartsock is another one in the mix.
Look like we will hear more later.

Rose always spoke glowingly about Nashif. Hmmmm. Either Nashif was pursuing business interests on the side and wanted to leave when the opportunity was too good to pass-up or Rose was just trying to build him publicly to help his confidence. Whatever the truth is, I didn’t see this coming. I hope Rose can attract a good replacement. One name left out in the article is the guy that assisted this year, Lee Cummard. I glad Rose is shaking up the staff. I haven’t heard anything about Quincy Lewis. Rose brought him on last year so I figured a change wouldn’t be made there, well at least not after only one year.

I loved the intensity of Heath Schroyer, and the defense he brought when he was coaching at BYU years ago. As far as the funding, didn’t St Mary’s and Gonzaga produce alot of $ for the WCC and I think BYU share was 1.2 million over a period of time. Doesn’t the revenue at one of the largest Basketball arena’s help?

John Wardenburg left with much the same announcement. His business opportunities included two national championship games with other schools, at lower levels, and is now at SUU…

LaComb and Nashif had been director of player personnel before moving up Rose’s coaching tree.

That Andrew May, who coached a solid SLCCC community college program, wasn’t elevated is somewhat surprising.

They help.
But the power football conferences are awash in money from football contracts which has fed their bball budgets to the point that much of the magic is out of march because the ‘lesser’ conferences wins/winnings in the dance, like the WCC’s, are just a very small drop in the bucket of revenue.

What does it cost to get a good assistant these days? Dave Rose should have hired Dave Rice last year when he took the job at UNR for $75,000 per year. Since he was still receiving $350K from UNLV, his combined income was $425. He will get $350K for two more years from UNLV so maybe BYU could have lured him in. I don’t know what Rice is making at UW as an assistant but its discouraging to hear BYU can’t afford to hire experienced assistants.

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