The all new 2017 football schedule. Record?

put me down for 2-2 to start the year and 8-1 for the remainder. Feels like 2016 all over again.

Did Hawaii ever change their turf? I know Crowton was not happy with the number of injuries during their game over there in early 2000.

I am kind of interested in watching how we do against Wisconsin and Utah, now that the staff has a year under their belt.

Put me on the spot at 9-4 and another lackluster bowl game

Nice to have a strong schedule again and I like the addition of Portland St to give Tanner more game time snaps…I am hoping that we win close ones this time around and the coaching year helps…but likely only for 1 game so 10-3 would be awesome…my head says more like 8-5 or maybe 9-4

I’ll say we go 10-3 next year. I am basing that on the belief that the defense can reload and Sitake will continue to upgrade the talent through his recruiting skills. It will probably take two more years to get almost all Sitake recruits on board. The cupboard is starting to fill-up although Bronco didn’t leave it bare by any means.

Speaking of Bronco, he finished the season 2-8. His only wins came against a 4-8 Duke team and a 6-6 Central Michigan team. Ouch! He did much better his first year at BYU. I hope he and his staff can turn things around in year 2. The fact that he is not known as a great recruiter isn’t going to help his cause there in Virginia. I’m wondering if he or any of his staff are starting to have regrets about leaving BYU. Oh well, Bronco wanted to challenge himself so let’s see what he can do in year 2.

That is true mostly with his defense side but I give one more year when most of our players grauduate. Defense at Oregon State didn’t do well before our new DC came here. We should be fine 2017 on D’s side. The O’s side will take time and hopefully Tanner will do fine with two practice games against uw and Portland State. I say 9-4 for 2017.

Wow pretty impressive. Holmoe is still doing his job. I think Fish’ prediction is probably pretty accurate. It’s tough to get LSU week two though, and I hope they don’t get too beat up for the Utah game. I’d be happy with 2-2 to start or even 1-3 if the win is against Utah. They absolutely can’t lose 7 in a row. That would be devastating.

8-5 and another pathetic bowl dictated by ESPN.

you guys do realize that BYU plays Utah, Wisc and BSU at home. LSU is at a neutral NFL stadium. We actually look very good in terms of scheduling for last year.

GIven the number of LSU fans living here in Houston, I’m not sure how neutral it will be, although there are a lot of BYU fans here as well.

I like your pick 10-3 and you might want to change it to 11-3 since we just added Portland State (our practice game). I like to see 11-2 just to make sure we beat Boise State and including u. But LSU, it is a home game for them but I am sure we will draw some good number of BYU fans but the talents of those LSU players and SEC :flushed:

Nah u guys are way off -10-4