The Big Dilemma:

I love our head coach, Kalane Sitake… I love the coaches which he has chosen to work with.

Our current HC is all that I want our coach to be with only one exception. (More on this later)

I am reminded of Lavel Edwards: “I would rather live in Provo and lose in Laramy than to win in Laramy and have to live there.”
I love our current coach. I want to keep him.

I like it when our GA’s preach to us to give us guidance…
I like it when our Stake President preaches to us to give us guidance.

I love it when our Bishops preach to us to give us guidance…

I love the lessons in our Sunday School Classes.
I love the 2.5-minute talks from our grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

When it comes to football, I want the coach to talk to us about football. I do not like the football coach to be my mission president or my seminary teacher. I want only football from my football coach. I like Kalane Sitake…

I hate cute slogans from the coach. I hate it when one of our coaches tells experienced, highly trained coaches throughout the country, how they should coach better, and how they should be more moral, realizing that these are just kids playing the game and that coaches should never run up the score.

Next, a proud P5 team, (UCLA) from a proud
P5 Conference (Pac 8/10/12), come to Provo, and we beat them 59-0. Oh, I forgot at the end, we did play some of our 2nd and maybe even 3rd string players. (at the very end).

I don’t want our coach to be cute and clever. I want him to be serious about football. I want my Bishop to be serious about the Church and the God Head and the doctrines.

Our HC is about as perfect of a man and of a coach that I have known. He walks in the footsteps of our beloved Lavel Edwards. He deserves this compliment.

The one exception:

Our HC and his staff must find a way, find the time, and put forth the effort, and the focus, to make sure that the same team with the same coaching staff that played vs USC is the same Cougar team that plays each and every one of the 12 teams per season, that we play with consistency, from this day forward…

We must be consistent in making sure that the Cougar team and the cougar coaches that played and coached in the games vs Utah, Washington, and Toledo, are not allowed in our sites anymore. They may not be called cougars anymore. We have seen enough of that. They are not acceptable. We love the consistency of our Cougar Team and coaches that beat USC.

We, most of us, have been patient while learning how to play a near P5 schedule.

After 4 years, the end results have not shown too much growth from the first year to this last year.

Patience among some of us is growing slim.

I for one, want each of our coaches to stay, but figure out how to show more growth in our learning process from year to year.

We need to remind them, the coaches and the players, that we are grateful for the coaching and the planing and the focus, and the work that went into the USC game, and that we want no less from all 12 games that we play.

Summary: I do not want any coach changes. I want our current coaches to show more consistent progress.

I want our AD to give assurance to our coaches that with notable improvement, their jobs are secure, but indeed, with the remaining teams on our schedules as the easier half of our schedule, much consistent planning, coaching, and playing needs to show much more effort and positive results.

Ron & Sr_Burton



Go for it Ron

Nice Ron-win some games and they will be back! And returned missionaries can continue to be-after the game😆

So, Business is Business. Can’t mix morality with Business or coaching? Is that what you are saying?

I agree that coaches need to stick around for more than a year as long as they are progressing or there is potential for progression.

Sr_ Burton,
May I add your name to mine and let this be our statement along with anyone else that will add their names.?

Go for it Ron

So grasshopper,
do we add your name to the statement with mine or others or do you wish to be left out.

Note:first part of your statement:
I don’t like mixing business with pleasure.
I don’t like talking football at Easter Sunrise Service

I don’t like my fire and auto insurance agent trying to sell me Tupper Ware.

Everything has it’s place and time. We all need a diversion in life instead of keeping everything hermoginized.

The swcond part of your statement: agreess with my thinking. Do you want me to add your name to the statement along with mine and with others that agree? Simple yes or no. No explanation for your answer is needed. Just yes or no.

We do agree with the second part. The first part is something I’ve seen with members where they are very moral keeping the commandments except when it’s business. They would say Business is different that we can lie, cheat and do what needs to be done even if it’s unethical. That includes treating your employees like dirt. I disagree with this. We have have that temple recommend to be honest (includes moral and ethical) in our business dealings with others.

To your example of your insurance agent selling Tupperware. If she does, she can do so but must make it very clear that the two companies are not affiliated in any way. And, it cannot be done in the same visit. I know this because I’ve had agents in my business sell Shakely and healing magnets and had to discipline them. But, there is nothing wrong with having a second job. :innocent:

Forgive me grasshopper, I think again you miss the point again.
If I come to get information about insurance, I do not want to hear about tupperware. Everything has it’s time and place.

Well, you aren’t the one earning income for your family. The agent is. Have some compassion. Buy some Tupperware.


I am not capable of understanding your logic. Sorry.


No worries. I understand:-)

I don’t think you do!

Completely understand all the issues.