The Big12 Tournament Insanity

If a conference wants to send the best automatic bid winner to the NCAA Tournament, is having teams possibly playing 5 games in 5 days the way to do it? Is it really fair? For BYU, 4 games in 4 days? But, those with huge brains say don’t play 10 players a game with decent minutes. Go ahead. Give it to me :innocent:

Obviously the conference is rewarding the top 4 teams and giving them the best odds of winning/placing well in the conf tourney and potentially enhance their seeding in big tourney. Actually pretty smart. They are the best shot to do well in the tourney and advance to sweet 16, elite 8 final 4 etc. They earned it during the season. Fair? Absolutely. Smart too.
Advantages go to winners.
And the rest of us with big brains still think you make no sense. who are the 9 & 10 players of which you speak?

Byes are not always good. Sometimes, the teams that have been playing are more in sync and less prone to rusty starts than teams that sit out some games.

Brains? 30 minutes for 4 potential games for Hall? Atiki will have to play as the Muslim part of the team will have little energy Thursday if we win Wednesday. Stewart will have to play more minutes and be willing to try an put up points. Maybe a good time to insert Adam’s if he’s been practicing every day.

Big 12 tourny? no, doesn’t need to play 30 minutes. It doesn’t matter all that much. NCAA tourney ?- Yes. Hall needs to play thirty minutes. Huge difference between the tourneys.
Again, your 9 and 10 players are???

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And would like to see Adams too.

Fouss, Khalifa, Atiki, Waterman, Saunders, Knell, Robinson, Johnson, Stewart, Hall. That adds up to ten.
I disagree that the Big12 doesn’t matter. If we win the first 2 games, there is a good chance we will be playing in Salt Lake. That would be huge.

It does matter, but not that much. I think most teams in this conference are going to be seeded where they should be regardless of how they finish in the Big 12 tournament. If somehow BYU were to win it (they won’t) then they might move up to a 5 seed. I think Houston is a 1 seed regardless of what they do, Kansas isn’t going to have a shot and will likely rest their top players, etc. Yeah, it’s nice to win the big 12 tourney but it isn’t aht big of a deal.

It’s a big deal for the NCAA Tournament to be in Salt Lake. You should understand home court advantage.