The BSU game and the score?

Tell us how this game will play out and the score. I will go first

Both teams have great run stopping defenses but BYU was dealt a major blow when our run stopper guard was injured. If Hill were playing, this would not even be a discussion. BYU would win; But Hill is done for the year and BSU will come after Magnum with all kinds of blitzes and looks. BYU will not have much of a run game but we have 3 very tall talented receivers and BSU DBs go 5’9 and 5’10. Advantage BYU.

BSU is also starting a new QB and he was underwhelming in the passing game. If BYU shuts down the run game, It may be a tough to score in bunches.

The intangibles: Our special teams are special. The kicking game seems solid.
Tanner is a great passer, if the Oline can give him the time, he will get the ball to the β€œBest receiving core” BYU as ever fielded.
Our suspended players are back. Nacua and Takitaki are leaders and big play makers and are sorely needed in the D field. BSU has 8 seniors returning on defense and can play with anyone but their offense is suspect. I think this will be a low scoring affair and turnovers will determine the winner.

BYU 27-BSU 20.

Had BYU not got that PICK 6 near the end, your score would have been very close (28-24).

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