The BYU vs WVU Game

Hi all. My name is Bill Baker. Born and raised in West Virginia and obviously a die hard WVU fan.None of that has to do with why I took the time to find a Cougar Chat Forum and register to post on it.

First, Welcome to the Big 12!! Glad to have you.

Second and most importantly, I don’t know much about BYU sports outside of names like McMahon, Young, etc. but I’m glad we’ll have the chance to know more about y’all now.

Your coach is an extraordinary human being. Your players are an example of what Sportsmanhship really is and your fans are absolutely great as well. I HOPE everyone who came to Morgantown was welcomed and will come back again.

I ALSO hope that when we come to YOUR House that we show the same respect for the School, the teams, the fans and the Community. that Cougar Nation showed us.

When the Big 12 invited BYU, they chose… wisely. Looking forward to a long history!


Glad to have you here on the forum. Maybe you can bring us some football knowledge and if you have some extra football players and extra coaches looking for a place they can make an impact …. Send them to Provo! Our HC is a classy guy. We are not sure about his ability to hire quality coaches to help him win but he is a good mouthpiece for the program.

Next time WV is picked to finish last in the conference I hope we don’t have to play you!

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Appreciate your kind thoughts
Did a bunch or business in Wv in energy business
Y’all are so much smarter than New York for drilling. Dummies. More business for You!

Lots of similarities between byu fans and Wv fans you’ll find.

Wish there was with our teams.
We’ll get better and give you good games down the road.
Glad you’re in the big 12

Bill: thanks for posting. The B12 is a great league. I’m super happy that BYU has joined this league, even though the growing pains are OBVIOUS. That was some kind of curb stomping we all watched on Saturday! I absolutely loved that the WVU coach just said “we are going to run and there is nothing you can do to stop us,” then just ran it down BYU’s throat. As a former head coach, I can testify there is no better feeling in football than just total, complete, overwhelming schematic and physical dominance. Well done by the WVU staff and players.

I’ve heard nothing but great things about Morgantown and West Virginia as a whole. As long time BYU fans, most of us are hoping the recent thrashings are a wakeup call for the program. You are right about Sitake–there may not be a better human in college football than that guy. I’m rooting for him but like any coach if he can’t make the program competitive he may be out of a job soon.

Welcome and your sentiments are appreciated. WV will be treated well when they visit Provo and they are to be congratulated on their recent win. BYU will grow and represent the future Big 16 well, I believe, with class and competitiveness.

hey Bill, thanks for taking the time to introduce yourself. I was out there last week, not for the game but to visit family. To see WV in the fall is a tremendous experience. The fall colors were on full display and the Appalachian mtns were breath taking. We enjoyed your hospitality

The biggest mistake the big 12 could of made was to rank WV dead last, it sure lit a fire under your program. good luck the rest of the season. All of us here at Cougar Nation are fired up about big 12 membership. Cheers

Thirty years ago I won a sports radio show contest to attend any new years day bowl game I wanted to go to. Airfare, hotel, new years eve party, and meals included. I chose the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans because my wife and I were more interested in the place than we were the game. The trip was pretty great and we had a really good time. We also got tickets to the game, Florida vs. West Virginia. We were going for West Virginia all the way for one reason. The fans we met and talked to were some of the nicest people we’ve had the pleasure of knowing. Florida fans? Not so much. Unfortunately the game didn’t go so well for West Virgina… kind of like the game Saturday for BYU. In fact the final score of both games was pretty close. Your team put a beat down on ours, I just hope it isn’t something we get used to. I don’t mind losing so much as I do not competing. We have had a tough couple of games this year where BYU simply did not compete and that is disappointing.

Thanks for being the kind of fan that I got to know 30 years ago at the Sugar Bowl game. People from West Virginia are good people.

Lastly, my hero as a kid was Jerry West, one of the all time great Laker players and a West Virginia alum. Total class. I’m from southern california, been a Laker fan for 50+ years, which doesn’t go over real well on this board, but that’s another discussion topic.

Welcome and hope you get back to read our replies and comment again.

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