The Case for having the game played vs LSU in Provo

It is almost certain, that the BYU/LSU game will not be played in Houston due to the weather conditions and also due
for the need of all available hotel rooms to be reserved for the victims, the disaster responders,and other persons in relation to the disaster conditions. The same can be said regarding the restaurants, service stations and other needed facilities.

So far all the options for a different venue seems to be in Louisiana even though, Louisiana if having weather issues of their own.

Realizing that it was agreed, that the game be played at a neutral site, and with Louisiana, really not being a true neutral site for Louisiana State University to play a game, with a team, from Provo, Utah, anywhere in the state of Louisiana;

This situation begs the question: Why not have the game played in Provo, Utah at Lavel Edwards Stadium? We can offer to play the next two games, (two for one), at LSU.

Perhaps, BYU could sweeten the pot for travel expenses, to have LSU to agree to come to Provo.

To make the situation more interesting, if played in Utah, allow both teams to invest a percentage of the gate to the relief
fund for those hit by the hurricane disaster in Texas and Louisiana.

Let the world know that college football cares about the victims of the Texas/Louisiana weather. LSU and BYU CARES.

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