The Curious life of GEORGE

Guards and Point, agreed. We have plenty of power under Lohner and George, unless you want to use George as a Guard, something that would make BYU formidable if we have some good points, veteran leadership transfer in

I predict that if we play the Zags again, George will start and guard Suggs. Suggs just overwhelmed Averette, so Pope moved Averette onto Newbard, then he scores 7 in a row on Averette and it’s over. Averette tries his best but is just too small to guard anyone on the floor from GU, and Pope saw it too.


  1. BARCELLO: I LOVED seeing Barcello take charge with the ball in his hands and prove that he can shoot efficiently and score 20 against some of the very best players in the country. VERY impressive by AB.
  2. LOHNER will be a STAR! He forced Kispert to have his least productive game of the year (especially when you take out the garbage time/intentional foul points he scored).
  3. KISPERT: Credit to Kispert: on a night when he was eliminated, he played team ball and didn’t try to force things as long as his teammates were scoring.
  4. SUGGS: Wow what a beautiful ball player! He is a joy to watch…he does it all and does it for his TEAM. I am a big fan and hope that kid knows how lucky he is to be mentored by Mark Few.

5.OFFICIALS: When I saw Verne Harris, I knew it would be TICKY TACK TIME. I was excited to see George and Suggs fight it out, but the officials eliminated both of them early in the first half with stupid ticky tack fouls. The officiating has been generally good all year, but last night was abominable–for both teams. A mixture of head scratching ticky tack fouls that didn’t affect play, then guys getting knocked to the ground with no call. FOR BOTH TEAMS.

  1. HAARMS: I have never seen a softer or weaker effort by a big man. I want to say more but this is a PG rated board…even PG-13 wouldn’t get me there on this one…

  2. JOHNSON: The kid is a beanpole, but he can actually create is own shot off the dribble, which is an all too rare commodity on this team. I’m enjoying watching him progress. Easy to root for him too.

  3. OVERALL: As Chris said, I think I picked this one about right. I knew we couldn’t beat them, but am proud that we at least made it a game until the end. PLEASE NOTE that this was the SECOND CLOSEST game GU has had ALL YEAR! BYU put up a good fight.

Good analysis. However, I would say that with a 7’3” Haarms, you have to put him in position to be a force on offense. Get some 2 man games where he’s on the block or pops out for an outside shot.

I was thinking more of competent backups to George and Lohner, but I forgot about Lowell. Not sure we can count on Baxter. It would be nice to have another 6’8” athlete

Anyone know anything about Tripple? Listed as 6’8” freshman guard?

Yes, Averette is our 2nd best scorer when we play smaller guard sized teams, the problem is, Everyone is big when you are playing P5s. And they all go right at Averette.

totally a scout team guy. He would be a softer Haarms, who is 6 inches smaller. Haarms had to be fighting a flu or something, I have never seen him so soft.

Like Jesse Wade, he is a scholarship player, who chose to walk-on this year.

Unlike Wade, he is a frosh, postponed his mission because of Covid, has been injured recently, Meridian Idaho basketball product who likes to play 2, 3, or 4, so think Lohner but a longer term project.

Don’t know how it will turn out for him but engineering is what he wants to major in…most of the brains on the bball team recently have been Mariott School types not Engineers.

Thanks, no Haw’s in immediate future🤨

That’s pretty soft, but can he shoot! At 6’8, he should be able get off his shot-hmmm Lee was from Meridian

not just same town, same high school too…same coach? don’t know. But they are developing a tradition of strength in Idaha hs bball…

Most likely it is same high school, same coach