The DBs, what we were told and what we know today

We were told that this group would be the teeth of the defense, that they are strong, deep and fast. All veterans and lockdown, possibly the best BYU has ever fielded.

What we know after a few practices…They are in big trouble. can’t keep the receivers in front of them, getting beat, porous.

Sorry to ask a dumb question, but all the changing going on, who are our DB’s?

well, they thought Chris Wilcox would be a lock down guy. That Switching Troy Warner to safety would be the answer.
Lee, Greene and Ghanawoloku….either our secondary is porous or the receivers are exceptional.

So Fish, with all of the uncertainty and concerns about our new offence, in your opinion do you think the defence will be better, worse, or about the same as last season?

Better to be blunt

We had one of the worse DBs stat wise in all of college football last season so That has to improve. Our D line is the key to stopping the run and getting pressure on the QB. Last year we had too many injuries and were too porous. We should be better (where’s that Langi Kid?) how come I don’t see articles gushing about how he is a once in a decade player etc.?

Linbacking was full of injuries, Taking Takitaki off the end and adding him to the middle along with Pau’u will be solid. The soph. Kaufusi was all over the backfield in the spring game, I like him a lot.

I think the main difference and I’ve said it all along, “Our offense killed our defense”…Grimes is a line guru so we should see improvement on both sides of the field. Anything is going to be better for the offense over last year so having said that the D should improve.

I’m like anyone else here…just guessing but I will say that we have veterans at key positions on both sides of the ball and you can wins games with leadership. The guys will do what Grimes says. The D knows where it has to improve so I say we will see a BYU team competing in every game except for maybe Wash and Wisc

Come on fish… you gotta believe the hype !!!

You know Jim, whenever BYU has had good DB’s and a strong nickel package, they have always had a good team. The problem is that the DB issue is the one area that BYU can’t disguise with smarts, hard work, gimmicks and checkmating the other team. If we have an outstanding pass rush, we can get away with just 2 of the 4 DB’s being good. Getting speed and quickness along with toughness is always a recruiting challenge at the Y

One out of left field comment about the BYU running back Corp… everyone knows that I don’t think Canada is the answer, but I will say that Burt has talent but maybe not the work ethic. The 2 diamonds in the rough might be Hoge and Hadley. I was shocked that BYU didn’t recruit Hadley as a RB. He is the prototype RB in that he is shorter, quick and extremely strong. I think he should have been left at RB behind Williams and used to spell Williams but they didn’t do that. I predict that he will play and play well. Again, the kid is a gamer. You don’t rush for more yards than anyone else in history in the St of WA in HS and not even be looked at as a running back at BYU until your 5th year of eligibility unless there is poor talent evaluation on the coaching staff.

I think he rushed for about 2000 yds each of his 4 years in HS!

There is a reason why BYU generally stinks on 3rd downs and ranks very low every year in the DBackfield. We have very seldom had a good defense backfield and our scheme has always stunk back there as we try to hide our huge weakness. We may be the only big college team that has to not only play zone on each play, but also play 10 yards off the line on 3rd and 5 and rely primarily on playing well behind the receivers, while allowing them to run free hoping either the qb will misfire or the receiver will drop it. Hate to be blunt but that’s about the story for most of our years as far as DB go. It really is pathetic, and if we continue that type of play this year, my prediction will quickly drop from 8 or 9 wins to maybe 5 or 6, as we can’t beat even a decent team playing that kind of defense. I would much rather see us give up an occasional bomb than to play garbage defense like that which opponent qb’s just have to love.

DBs got beat routinely in the Az game but I will say that Gwanahaku and Selton are plenty good to cover just about any receiver. Id give them a C+ for the game.