The Dream Coaching Staff. Not suggesting a change at this timel






P.S. I love Grimes. I wish we had him as a Offensive Line coach. I love Sataki. I wish we had him as a DC.
I wish we would pay for and get LDS Andy Reed as the HC. I wish we would pay for and get LDS Steve Baven for
our OC.

I wish we would invest in P5 successful coaches and/or NFL successfull coaches that can get us the players we need to be successful instead of sending our most successful recruits to Stanford and Utah Utes.

Hey everybodty. This has nothing to do with the Honor Code so stop blaming the honor code for not doing what we need to do,

That’s a heavy list, but, as you said it’s a dream list. I could actually see Reid coming here when he is done with KC. Sitake is a great asset for this program, just not sure about him as head coach, but, hey, Edwards was a great coach because he hired great innovators. This year will be interesting, but no tainted predictions. Grimes was a good hire, but the Detmer firing leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I do expect a better OL than we have had in a while. I question the defense-imo they under performed which raises, in my mind, issues with the DC. They were almost more disappointing than the offense because they were so highly touted with a lot of athleticism. We know the DC was protected-right? Anyway good luck to the cougs

There is no Steve Beven working for the Seahawks. Who are you doing asking about? Credibility?

He meant Darrell Bevell, the ousted OC.

Thanks Craig.

Any talk about getting big time coaches who command big time salaries is a pipe dream. I don’t think the church wants to pay the going rate. The church rarely pays what the market rate is for any jobs and the church undoubtedly dictates salary structure for BYU jobs. I doubt the church really cares if BYU becomes a P5 power in athletics. They certainly aren’t going shell out P5 money and they aren’t going to change anything in regard to their standards to attract better athletes, better scheduling etc. The prime focus of BYU is not to become an Alabama in football. The focus of BYU is to educate young men and women to prepare them to support families, be a strength in the community, uphold the standards of the church, and be a light to the world. It athletics can be a part of that without putting undo emphasis on them then the church is on board with athletics but the church in general isn’t interested in building a national powerhouse in football or basketball.


Recent history suggest that indeed the University does want to be a P5 conference.

Bronco Mendenhall with the blessings of the Athletic director had made it very clear to the football world, that P5 conference inclusion was the goal and that Independence was not sustainable. The AD has made similar statements until more recently.

If the goal is truly to get into a P5 conference, as Bronco Mendenhall and the AD has stated, and if our goal is to be successful in that conference, than we need coaches that can compete successful vs the the P5 conference coaches that they must play each and every season.

P5 teams must play a minimum of 9 other P5 teams per season. Some conferences do not allow any FCS teams to be on the schedule. SOS is mandatory in order to get into a P5 playoff bowl.

If the Church can invest in Rail Roads, as it has in the past, and in radio stations, and TV Networks, and Newspapers,
and blogging sites and department stores and the Coca Cola Company, and many other ventures, than why can’t the University invest in one of it’s University departments.?

The Athletic department is the biggest money maker in the University, but with the proper investment in that department, especially in football and basketball, it could be a windfall profit getting us $17-20 million dollar bowl games as easily as we now fight to get $750,000 to a maximum of $1-1/4 million bowl games.

It could get us $25,000,000 TV contracts as easily or easier than we can now get $10,000,000 contracts.

It can fill our home game stadiums each game, like it use to, and help filll the (away game) stadiums at top dollar prices per seat, instead of dropping to $15.00 per seat and also giving away free seats, but still can’t get the Hawaii stadium half full.

The venders for all the home games can pay a much higher rent with a full stadium that they would be willing to pay for a stadium with many empty seats.

Respect for the University and the Church that owns it is much greater when the team is successful than when it is not successful. The name BYU was a door opener for missionaries during the glory years of the Cougars but the team did not help the missionaries much during the 2017 season.

Why not invest in getting coaches that can attract the 4-5 star players that can get us into a P5 conference?

This is an example where expert advise in athletic investments is needed. Are we currently being penny wise and pound foolish, with the ladder being more prominent than the first part of the statement.

Respectfully submitted to you for open minded consideration.


Ron - In all seriousness, you are very knowledgeable and know a lot of BYU history. I hope you are either deeply involved in the Cougar Club and/or friends with people in high places at BYU. You have great ideas and you don’t like excuses. Your input should be shared.

Signed, a Weary Unenergetic Cougar Fan Who Likes to Complain But Not Be Part of Changing Anything


Thank you, (I think), for your post. It sounded very complimentary, but one line confused me.
“from a Weary Unenergetic Cougar Fan Who Likes to Complain But Not Be Part of Changing Anything”

Craig, I am an old man that does not like to complain for the sake of complaining, but hopefully I am an activist
that tries to bring about positive change where I see change as being needed.

Ron - It was sincere. Complaining helps me to feel better. Yes, I am hoping you and others can bring about much needed change for BYU Athletics. Our football and basketball teams are slipping and falling just like the US ice skaters and skiiers in PyeongChang.

We will recover soon in BYU FB/BB and USA Olympics Ice Skaters/Skiers. Just get better. Too bad my son Daniel can’t do any better in Ice Skating like Nathan Chen. Daniel has skated in the same ice rink one time with Chen. Daniel can only do double jump not like quad that chen can do.

Good job Ron. We may not always agree, but i know your heart is in right place! Sorry Craig it was directed at Ron, but we know Tom and you know the way things go


Thank you for your support. I would like to energize you into being an activist in helping our Cougars be all that they can be with more help from the administration.

If I can not get you active in fighting for the cause, I at least hope to have your continued support and when I stick my own neck out and thus offend some like grasshopper when I suggest that all is not well in La la land and changes need to be made if our Cougars are to survive as a relevant team beyond 2024.


In all seriousness if the church really cared that much about having big time football program they would be willing to pay for coaches who can get them there. I am not knocking Sitake but I think he was hired because they could get him way cheaper than it would have cost to pay another good LDS man Nuimatalolo who was a proven winner as a head coach at a school that has at least as many recruiting obstacles as BYU does. Sitake may still prove to be a great hire but I think he was hired with the hope they were getting another guy like Edwards who would win big and they wouldn’t have to pay a whole lot to keep.I hope he turns into another Edwards but Edwards wasn’t hired with any idea that he would lead BYU to national prominence. It just turned out that he did in his glory years. I think the church would prefer to have a big winner over a mediocre program but they have other priorities that are above football and basketball and I don’t think they are willing to pay Alabama money to get a football coach. I am not being critical of the church that is just the way I see it. I would like to see statistical evidence that the glory years in football led to a significant increase in convert baptisms and what the retention rate is for a convert who became interested in the church because of BYU football or the Osmonds. I know it was argued that the cheesy, annoying Osmands were great missionary tools but they always had the opposite effect on me. I just don’t know how important celebrities and big time athletic programs are to building the kingdom.

I have been a BYU fanatic for over 50 years but as I get older my perspective has changed. I don’t think being a big winner would hurt anything but I question whether it is that big a deal in the grand scheme of things.

strong textWishing and hping do not get it. BYU isn’t in a P-5 conference because no one wants them. We don’t get 4 and 5 star recruits because we are a mid-major independent who will NEVER get Notre Dame level recruits. That is because BYU did not win NC 's in the 1930’s, forties and fifties. BYU has never had a Notre Dame style schedule with Notre Dame results, No BCS and NC games on a regular basis.Never a BCS bowl game, except one Cotton Bowl. No New Year’s Six bowls like Boise State.


I read your post carefully and I can find nothing to disagree with, but it does feel me full of questions.

  1. Multitasking has never seemed to be a problem with the Church as they had diversified their investments in such things as Rail Roads, Radio Stations, TV Networks, Newspapers, Magazines, Radio and blogging sites as well as departments , Coca Cola Company and Universities. Why would BYU Football not be important to them?

  2. Why would BYU football not be as high on the Church investment list as the other investments listed above?

  3. Why would BYU Football hold them back from reaching the stated Mission Plan with it’s short term and long term goals.?

  4. My last but not least (compounded) question is this, How can the Church expect its BYU Sports program fans to fully support the teams, if indeed, the Church is not willing to fully support the basketball and football programs?

      A.)  Not long ago, the Church and the University and the students, alum,

and fans use to brag, if not gloat, about how well the fans traveled to away games.

     B.)  Not long ago, The Church, and the University, the students, the Alum,

and the fans use to brag, if not gloat, about filling all seats at LES for each and every home game.

     C.) If those loyal fans get the message that football is not all that 

important in the theme of things, how many will continue to fill all the
seats for home games and how many will continue to travel well for
all away games.?

     D.)  Is it possible that even our greatest fans may look elsewhere

for teams to follow that are more apparently committed to the program
fully and see the value in such a fully committed program

and not so long ago, BYU could score points and was fun to watch.


I agree with you. We use to win games.
I don’t think that we got worse. I think that while we were standing still, everyone else got better.

I think that we have a lot of catching up to do.
I think that we need to go after and pay for the best coaches we can get that is capable of recruiting the best athletes that can get us into the best conferences so that we can survive beyond 2024 when the new contracts are up and the aligning is about to start, once again.

With the slew of decommits this year, I see any improvements years away. Sure we can win the MWC teams not named BSU but I just don’t see BYU making much headway for a few.


The bad news is that I agree with you, if things don’t change.

"[quote=“fish, post:19, topic:7865”]
With the slew of decommits this year, I see any improvements years away. Sure we can win the MWC teams not named BSU but I just don’t see BYU making much headway for a few.

The good news is that if enough of us ask for the needed change, we can and we will survive beyond 2024 when the next realignment comes and we will either be chosen, if we are ready, be be in one of the P5 conferences, or we will need to quit football because we will no longer be relevant.

The bad news is that this is 2018 and 2024 is only 6 years away or 5 seasons away after this one we are about to start.
That leaves no time to waste

The good news is if we look at BYU Football as an investment that pays great financial dividends, and attracts much respect, not only for the team, but also the University and the Church and it’s members when it is doing well, than the Church/University, will open up it’s purse strings and attract the coaches that can attract the athletes that together, the coaches and the athletes, can get us into a P5 campus that will keep us relevant beyond the 2024 deadline.

One thing for sure. It is this group of decision maker administrators that will have one of the most important legacies in the history of the University. It will either be the administration that saved BYU football from extinction, or it will be the administration that did not see enough importance in BYU Cougar Football to keep it from becoming extinct.

It is not the Honor Code that keeps us from being successful. It is not the (No Sunday Play) that keeps us from being successful. It is not that others are prejudice against us that have kept us from being successful. We have used those worn out excuses far too long.

We must stop expecting top notch coaches that can attract top notch players, that together, (coaches and players alike), can get us that invite into a conference that will keep us relevant beyond the 2014 dead-line, to work for less money just because we are Mormons. Yes it worked that way for Lavel, but it doesn’t work that way anymore.