The End is Near

I think the end is soon. I read today in D&C 109:75, “That when the TRUMP shall sound for the dead, we shall be caught up in the cloud to meet thee, that we may ever be with the Lord.”

And you thought this was reason enough to start a new thread…

How exactly did you come to that conclusion?

It’s another prophecy fulfilled. Or, a test to see if people have a sense of humor left…

Ah, Scott ever the “optimist”… :open_mouth:

If you get a chance you should look up “Glen Rawson Stories” on FaceBook. He is the guy that narrated the “Joseph Smith Papers”… He has some good fireside videos that I think you would enjoy.

When the (Trump)et was knocked of the the Angel Moroni statue in the Salt Lake City earthquake several months back it was apparent to all who have eyes to see and ears to hear, the Trumpster, that the end was near. It was a clear sign to all those in tune to stock their basements with plenty of string beans, toilet paper, and Osmond CDs for entertainment.

All my life the good Lord gave me so many blessings…
I am at a point in life where he taking some of those blessings home…

Lost my mom a couple of years ago:
Almost lost my mentor and “Mormon Dad” last month
Over the weekend, one of my good friends was killed in a motorcycle accident.

I lead a lesson for Temple Prep last night. The Temple blessings don’t stop life from happening. The blessings are we can be blessed to work through the challenges because of the blessings of the Temple. We should then have a different perspective than most people that should cause us to rejoice that no one is lost in the Plan of Happiness.

True, but that does not negate the feeling of loss and sadness one feels for the loss of a loved one or friend. We all must go through the healing process.

It does help in the healing process.

We feel the loss of current communication with people and the hurt their friends and family go through. There are stages of death and dying. Having a testimony of the Plan of Salvation helps if we apply our testimony.
When my Dad was terminal back in ‘83, he told me that because of my belief that I would. Red to be an anchor to help my mother and brother through the loss. When he died, my mother left the room. I went to her and she said she can’t go back in the room where he is. I told her he’s not there anymore. Just his body. But he’s not there. She went back in and told me “that’s not him.” That he’s not there . Just his body. We can be anchors for people suffering because of our Temple blessings. And you will too.