The latest on BYU basketball

Nate Hanson as Zander the transfer portal as has another wire freeing up to roster spots. This is big big time news because the team was crunched squeezed
With too many guards too many forwards and not enough big man or point guards. Opens the door to get a dominant center everybody knows my choice is the UVU player foriq would be my first choice and we need a very good point guard. Hopefully the Walker kid signs as well

Is he starring in a new movie or something? :rofl:

It appears that something went wacky with your auto spell check or some other program that puts words in that were unintended. Anyhow, I got the jest of your comments so I guess it worked out anyway.

President Nelson watches BYU Basketball :hugs:

Hey! Your conspiracy about Dike and Coach K didn’t work out :hugs:

Almost did… the opportunities were there.

I’m glad Kansas won.

I didn’t get to watch it but did the refs take it away from NC?

I watched most of it. It seemed to be a well officiated game. Kansas didn’t play their style the first half.
They sped up the pace the 2nd half and dominated after getting way behind. They were the better team.

I am somewhat surprised that Hunter Ereckson has decided to enter the transfer portal; then again, he may have been given a nudge.

Now I’m starting to worry about our recruiting a bit. BYU’s base is the LDS player–many who go on missions. If the recruiting practice is now to not give the RM player the chance to develop, then our recruiting base will erode.

Based on how they played in the second half, it appears that the Tar Heels started showing how well they fit in the NBA, particulary with the Utah Jazz.

He knows they are going after experienced players which leaves him out. My concern is Trey Stewart. I think he’s got lots of potential and should have played a lot more early on in the season.

I joked about his hair one time early in the season. I think I was told that he was a great player who would contribute in the coming years. It seems if that were true he would have stayed around. I don’t know if he was getting opportunities this past season but it seemed like every time he got in a game he just went through the motions of running the offense, never really looking to do much and actually not really doing a lot of anything while he was in there. I was hoping to see some of that potential I was told about. It just never happened.

Weird stat… He never made a free throw in his entire BYU career. Then again, he totalled 23 points during his time at BYU, actually making more 3’s (5) than 2’s (4). Oh well, wish him well in his next endeavor.