The loss to Ole Miss

This loss hurt, but they earned it. Tremendous first half. That second half was forgetable. When BYU started the second half with a weave instead of attacking the basket they were trying not to loose. That one is on the coach. He let them back in the game. There were 5 or 6 really sloppy, poor passes by Halford, Bartley and Collinsworth that cost this team the game. They turned into easy layups and it was over. Collinsworth is a great facilitator but he struggles from time to time at taking care of the ball properly. It has happened all season. Halford has done the out of control thing a lot this season. Being in control is the formula to winning. Too many out of control sloppy plays. Next year I think we will see a huge difference in the team. The front court will get back to normal. Defense will be significantly better and offense will be even better.

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