The Miracle bowl SMU II

Keys to the win.

1 Sitake was a sneaky dude. Nobody, not even cougar nation knew Sol-Jay would get the start. For Once Sitake completely outcoached SMU’s coach. (kudos to Coach Lashlee for going for it at the end, ballsy)

2 They say that Hill stayed home to recruit but whoever called that Defense, brilliant. BYU stymied the #6 SMU offense the entire game with exception of the old PRevent rearing its ugle head that last series
As a sidenote, the old Tuiaki D would of lost by 20 or so points, maybe more.

3 Bywater gets the 1st pick 6 in New Mexico’s bowl game history, Dude was everywhere.

4 Robinson is the game MVP on the QB sneak tackle. Insane finish

5 I watched a season’s worth of of QB pressures and sacks in one game, seriously!!!

6 Sol-Jay has magic feet. Still blows my mind that we won and DID not make ONE single pass in the second half.

7 Oldroyd quietly hit every kick, I know he is transferring but the dude had a perfect game.

8 Issiac Rex lead all receivers with one 27 catch but boy was it a good one.

9 Brooks goes out with a big game, congrats! But I absolutely love to watch Ropati run the ball, he is explosive.

10 To win when your QB has never taken a single snap in College Football and missing pretty much all of the receiving crew while taking out a top 10 offense still blows my mind. Get ready for the Big 12 ya-all.

11 Coolest BYU helmet ever throwback cougar. love it


Excellent post. Spot on. I’m not convinced the QB is the answer. His side arming was weird. He’s got to work a lot on his passing.
I thought Oldroyd is just quitting football. Where is he transferring to?

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Great post, Fish! I would only add you might want to consider Ryan Rehkow for mvp of the game: 4 punts, 67 yds, 64 yds, 58 yds and 46 yds, 3 pinned inside the 20 [ all inside the 15, actually] with the 67 yarder rolling into the end zone for a touch back (so at the 20) for a net of 47 yards. He controlled the field position at the critical times to protect the struggling QB.


Oldroyd is done with college ball. Here’s a quote from a recent Deseret News article: “I’ll give [the NFL] a shot. I figure, why not? I already have a job I’ve accepted. So I’ll be working in the area and training leading up to Pro Day. I’ll put myself out there and see if there are any takers.”

The job he is referring to is working in sales for a tech company.

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