The morning after

Byu never crossed midfield the entire game. Tanner was never even close to hitting a receiver in stride.
I was shocked at how poorly he played
We have no running game. Hall was injured on the return team. Where is Reilly Burt. Tolutso?

Byu is soft as a pillow. Illiaci did not change the defensive scheme all game. Line backers looked slow and confused as to what to do. Filled gaps when the entire line moved to them. Byu got into Lsu’s backfield a total of three times all game. Takitaki twice and tonga once.

This is what happens when you play 5 star speed athletes to burn against 3 star players. And you play back on your heels

This has happened in the past and we beat teams with 5 star players. That’s not the issue. In fact, the defense isn’t to blame in either game. If the offense can’t keep the ball long enough to move past the 50 yardline, then how is the defense the culprits? 42 minutes to 18 minutes ball control? I’m surprised we didn’t get blown out 70 - 0.

The defensive scheme was a bigger problem than anyone realizes. We had to go with 3 defensive lineman plus 2 ends. He didn’t do that all night except for the goal line stand. It is vexing. The offense can’t run without a decent QB. Tanner isn’t that guy. Reminds me of a taller version on Sean Covey. Good guy, can throw decent to receivers when there is no pressure OR no defense on the field. Other comments… Fred Warner willl never play in the NFL. He can’t keep containment at all.

I would hope the coaches don’t have a problem replacing Mangum if he does the same poor passing next week. It should have happened in the 4th quarter.
The defense still isn’t the culprit.

I have to agree that the defense was not the problem in either of the games we played. Yesterday was not great, but when the offense is as horrible as they were last night, the defense will suffer from exhaustion alone. Yes, they are unable to get into the backfield, and that is hugely disappointing and appears to be in part a lack of decent play calling by the coaches on that side of the ball, but at least they competed.

The offense did not. Every single person on that offense needs to look in the mirror and quite simply realize that his play is pathetic. The line absolutely stinks, particularly on run plays, the back (particularly Canada) run about as hard as a girls powder puff team, the receivers struggle to get open or catch the ball and Tanner right now is on track to play worse than any quarterback in 40 years, and that includes some stinker years.

I just can’t see any way that this team can fix all these issues quickly as to me it appears they wasted 3-4 weeks of getting ready and now have to start from scratch on offense. If Tanner continues to have that “deer in the headlights” look in the first quarter next week, he needs to find the bench. Same for Canada - that guy is afraid to hit the line and instead gets the handoff and immediately slows down to see if maybe there is an opening. It’s hard to watch, but he was that way last year most of the time, so what did the coaches expect?

Next weeks game could be close to this game. Let’s face it, LSU could have scored 50 if that had been their intent. They were just having a good time seeing what their running game could do and since we couldn’t stop them (penalties stopped them much more than our D) why throw. Hurry the game and get home and enjoy the weekend. I fear Utah may not be so kind and even though we MIGHT score, I believe the Utes will score more than LSU.

Looking forward to more women’s volleyball. It least these girls show some grit, which the offense never did.

LSU didn’t have all their starters in the game last night, mostly freshmen. Can’t blame our defense where they had to be on the field for SO LONG. I was surprised we only had less than 10 offensive plays in the 1st quarter was pretty sad.
I don’t see another bad game this coming Saturday as long the offense start playing better. I thought we were going to see QB Hoge be inserted sometime in the 4th quarter. Floyd Edwards said our front line are not getting the job done for Tanner and our RB which I believe mostly true. But Tanner should have done some adjustment on his own and if not then Hoge should be inserted…

One guy showed up. Takitaki. Everyone else embarrassed themselves. Magnum is hardly a leader

Byu didn do one thing right however

They played so poorly that the game was over in under three hours which is a new record No chance to play into Sunday

I think you hit on something there! That is it. No one on the BYU team has had honor code issues…except Takitaki…talk e talk e was, again, flaunting the honor code and trying to play into Sunday despite all of his other teammates trying not to play on the Sabbath in the eastern time zone!! Of course, Bernard is exempt from the effort to get off the field. Secretly, I suspect, more defensive players weren’t on board with the Sabbath observance and that is why they played so hard, despite being given terrible defensive alignments to live with. Dang that Tanner…, hope we don’t find out that he was betting on the game…and it was only his insistence on not allowing the EST viewing audience to break the commandments that caused the horrendous performance!! This could be worse than we all thought…

Yeah it was that sabbath thing for sure. Seriously though, I don’t think it’s fair to blame Mangum. The line was getting blown out and the receivers couldn’t separate at all. Most games he could have had a few completions just with one on one matchups on their big receivers, but good luck trying that against LSU! They were outmatched, but they also executed very poorly. There was no energy on the BYU sidelines or on the field.

Did anyone see the UCLA / TX A&M game? The coaches should sit the entire team down and watch it. UCLA claims to have the best pure passer in the nation with Josh Rosen, but I really don’t think he’s that much better than Mangum. A&M literally beat the crap out of him for 3-1/2 quarters. He got hit over and over and limped off the field multiple times. By midway through the 3rd it was 44-10. A&M was celebrating. The game was essentially over. Then suddenly something switched. The line started giving Rosen a second or two more and the receivers started separating. They literally scored on every possession from that point, once starting inside their 5! It was nothing but big play after big play and 3 and out for their defense. One of the most amazing games I’ve ever seen. But what it tells me is that BYU might not be that far away. They have the tools, but very single player needs to do their job and execute! More effort! It can turn so quickly, and there’s no reason they can’t turn things around this week. They have too! I can’t watch another loss to Utah. I just can’t!

I disagree a little. I think Mangum needs to shoulder some blame. He looked robotic and was aiming his throws, which were way off the mark a lot of the time. He looked tight and nervous, no rhythm or flow to anything he was doing. Honestly he didn’t look much different against Portland State so it wasn’t just LSU’s great athletes. Tanner could have found a way to make something happen and he never did. Maybe it was on Detmer somewhat, but the offense never crossed midfield and a lot of that blame is on Mangum…

My favorite team next to BYU is UCLA and that was one incredible comeback last night. It was like one of the miracle comebacks by BYU. That one TD pass that went right through the A&M players hands was tell tale… it seemed like destiny because there were so many plays that could have ended drives, 4th down conversions, mistakes by A&M, etc. it was like a perfect storm and destiny that UCLA came back to win.

Such a fun game to watch.


It was an awesome game. I wanted A&M, just because Utah has made me hate the PAC12, but by the end of the game you kind of had to hope they’d pull it out. I still thought Josh looked terrible through 2-1/2 quarters though. That’s what a good defense can do to a good quarterback. Plus they’re offense just ground for so long Mangum just never got a feel for the game and found any rhythm. Way not enough plays due to inability to run, which again put too much pressure on Mangum. I think he’s way better than what he showed. Anyway, whatever magic UCLA found, I just hope a little rubs off on BYU quick.

Like I said Tanner was behind his receivers all game

But that UCLA game has to be the game of the year incredible comeback now they yelling for the Texas A&M coach to lose his job

Bushman and talkie talkie were the only two players that really showed any balls in that game

We obviously have a choice but either way is not a good way.

It’s much like North Korea at this time. We can go after them now before N. Korea has full capability to do us in,
or we can wait until they have full capability and THUS, have a greater chance of doing us in.

We can act now and put milliions of lives at risk in South Korea, Guam, Japan, and perhaps even the USA.
We can wait until later and hope that things get better.

BYU football can go back to a G5 conference and win some conference championships, sometimes, and always be sure of having a bowl game. or

We can keep challenging ourselves as an Independent, playing tough P5 teams, 5 or more per season, and lose some heartbreakers along the way until we get use to playing with those big P5 teams, and get use to coaching against the coaches of those big P5 teams. We can be challenged for seasons to come, hoping to have a winning season; hoping to have a bowl game, but suffering some defeats until we are able to attract more 4-5 star players to help us go against the many 4-5 stars players in the P5 teams we are going against.

We are learning to crawl. Openfully before the end of this season we can walk. Perhaps next season we can run. We must put full effort into recruiting more 4-5 star players. Stars do matter.

The UCLA game was their miracle game, not too different from Our own Miracle Bowl vs. SMU. The games were almost identical.

Jim, grasshopper,Rudi, Thawk, fish, dew, Mike H,

Tanner spent much time excepting full responsibility for the terrible two games that we played 20-6 win vs Portland and
27-0 loss vs LSU. He knows that he was off. He knows that he missed targets. He knows that he MUST perform and perform well vs. Utah or your wishes will come true and we will see him become a back up, which would destroy him at this point in time.

Now is the time, before the Utah game, that we must poor full support, love, and appreciation on not only Tanner, but the whole team and the coaches. Nobody feels worse about the past two weeks than Tanner and the team and the coaches.

Let’s help them pull through this ordeal and give them the confidence to win vs. Utah even if it is by 1 pt.

Ron Uharriet.

All BYU needs to do is get some offense. If Tanner Mangum cannot do it against Utah in some form of what he accomplished in 2015 it is time for Bo Hoge e to have a shot.
The BYU defense will be able to hold Utah much better than they did against LSU. If BYU can get some offense out of Mangum, a better running game from Canada and some passes in the right spots ahead of the Utah defensive players BYU will give Utah a run for its money.

I agree with you grasshopper. I agree that Hoge should have played in the fourth quarter. Mangum needs to show up against Utah. If he doesn’t compete by the end of the first half against Utah Hoge should play the entire second half.

Ron, you are starting to sound like Hopper and that concerns me a great deal.

Canada has never shown me that is deserves starter minutes. He loves to hesitate after he gets the ball…LSU feasted. Utah will do the same. If BYU can’t get a running game going and Utah jams our receivers, expect more of the same.

Holding off further comments until Utah game. We have now seen the bad, followed by the ugly, so I’m hoping for the good. If that same offense shows up again, though, I’m going to find something else to do - not because of another loss but because I can’t be bored that badly 12-13 times in one year and feel it’s worth the time. If the offense plays without emotion again, I’m not going to invest my emotion in it.

I want them to win, but even more, I want them to look like they care. If that offense can’t get up for a game, why should we? Maybe I’ll record games and only watch our defense if that happens? That’s pretty desperate, isn’t it.