The next move for the Big 10, where BYU lands

List Of 7 Schools Being Considered By Big 10 Has Fans Asking Questions (

If ND gets it’s 75 million $ deal, most likely they stay Indy.
Big 10 then moves to support USC and UCLA by grabbing WU and OU. Leaves the remainder of the P12 to run to the Big 12.

Stanford and Cal was on that list as well.

I hear Utah may go back to being a G5 school… LOL (not really). Or the real possibility is that the PAC12 could lose their P5 standing.

the only recourse for P12 if to add teams. They looked into it last summer but USC was against it (wonder if they knew about the big 10 invite then?)

They are talking about adding SDSU, BSU and several others …when happened to their academics code?