The race for the wcc crown

Pepperdine gets swept by Portland. Pepperdine is now out of the WCC crown picture.

Gonzaga is now in the driver’s seat with BYU’s win over SMC. Gonzaga is now 1/2 game ahead of SMC.

#1 Gonzaga has two losses, 3 tough games left, @ BYU, @ Pepperdine, SMC
#2 SMC has two losses, they are 3-3 on road games, @ Gonzaga, @ SF, Pepperdine, @ Portland, @ SD
#3 BYU has 3 losses, Gonzaga, @ SF

I listed all of the SMC road games as they really struggle away from the Bay area. Gonzaga looks very good now and should win out until they come to BYU.

I think SMC will lose 2 more games. Gonzaga 1 game and BYU will lose one more road game (I have to be honest)
Hope I am wrong and BYU goes undefeated as I think BYU has by far the easiest road to the crown. What say you?

That is true. The question remains can they continue to play good ball on Thursdays and win on Saturdays. We will see Saturday a game they should win.

As mentioned in an earlier post, next Thursday’s game at San Fransisco worries me. BYU should win that game but there have been too many head case losses. The SF game could be another. I don’t see Gonzaga losing another game up to the BYU game. IF BYU can win out up to that game, it should be one intense game. Sold out and loud Marriott Center with Gonzaga determined not to get swept. Winner takes the title. BUT, let’s get there first. Is there another Harvard loss for BYU out there? Like you, I hope not, but have my doubts.

Remember how we lost after the win against GU. Are we going to be prepared mentally today? Forget about Thursday until after today.

Not looking good so far,is it? I thought about the challenge for today but passed it off thinking BYU will not be THAt mentally off,mouth who knows. You may be right.

Rose needs to get Emery out if there.

Sometimes I hate being a fan.

Today I hate the WCC and their crappy refs.

Remember back in Nov. when I said that BYU would lose some close games because of their poor FT shooting.

I thought I taped it but I go last year’s game? What did Emery do besides shooting poorly? And who would be put in has place?

I said the same thing. Also because of missing short shots and layups. We had only 9 assists but it’s hard to get an assist when the person you pass to misses their shots.
What happened to Kaufusi? I didn’t get to see the game but he was 0-2 and no rebounds.
Yes, today was like last Saturday with a lot of fouls. Unlike the game with SMU.
Some are saying are defense isn’t very good. Without all the fouls at the end, we held them well under 70 points. 8 steals and 4 blocks. So, I don’t see our defense was a problem. Shooting 34% is a problem. Especially with 14 offensive rebounds.

Kaufusi was his old self, jumping at every pump fake but then everyone on the team played poor defense.

Emery took 5 or his 6 threes off balance and rushed. But then everyone took turns hucking up crappy 3 balls. It is like a game of hot potatoes, couldn’t get rid of it fast enough but Davis and KC just bricked every FT down the stretch when we were close.

Really? Maybe if he worked one or two of his six hucks into Davis who was playing better, his TEAM may have scored a few more points. He hucks 25% of the treys and doesn’t make one. Maybe if he didn’t foul out Pacific would ave had fewer shots from the line and scored a few less points. Maybe if he didn’t have as many drives to the basket or even his steal layup flop blocked his TEAM could have had another attempt. Rose was quick to pull Davis when he thought Davis slacked off on D, what was Emery doing so well to keep him in? Who would I put in? Probably Chatman. That said, all screwed up. It just bugged me to see Emery huck up the threes off balance.

Scott, sorry for my sarcastic reply to your question in my previous post. I missed that you didn’t see the game. It was a nightmare and I would’ve recommend watching it. You too may become sarcastic.

I also agree with Jim. I had always thought this team was poor but put on the blue glasses. Not now. I don’t even want them to make the NCAA tournament ( which they won’t). Too embarrassing.

I know what you mean. Yes, I remember your November comments. Didn’t see the full scope of the refs on TV like you did at the game, but even Wrubel commented on how bad they were.

Those two are bad at free throws. That’s really too bad because they can play well on everything else. Were the 3 balls off of potential assists from passes or dribble around and shoot variety?

But they are bad for all teams. Some games they let them play. Other games it’s painful to watch it goes so slow with the fouls.

Chatman can’t play D. Maybe next year or the year after. If we didn’t shoot so poorly maybe they wouldn’t have scored 77 points. Maybe 57. The D wasn’t that bad it sounds. Shooting 34% did us in and gave them more shots.

I haven’t seen much out of SMU and Gonzaga yet to say we can’t win the WCC tournament. Keep the goggles close and have faith.

F was sporadic, stellar patches and then pathetic patches. Pacific controlled the game. Slowed it down and got back quickly on D. Y couldn’t press,

Most teams play defense well against our weave offense. I think we practice for the perceived better team and we win with nothing left for the Saturday games.

fish: A team has to WIN a championship, this BYU team does not look ready to win anything consistently.