The real truth behind the San Francisco win

Yes we scored 100, Yes we hit 50% of our 3s.

But these Dons penetrated at will and scored inside plenty mostly from Watson, the 6’ guard. If we can’t solve that, BYU will lose plenty on the road when our 3s don’t drop.

This game is a 1st in BYU history where 2 true freshmen scored 20 or more each. Seljaas and Emery are future stars. They still make plenty of dumb fr. mistakes but the are phenoms.

I was truly happy when Chatman got plenty of floor time. He is an athlete with serious hops and we be see more and more and we need him, not necessarily in the WCC but when we play Big 5 teams. Sad to see less of Aytes,

Aytes wasn’t ready to play. He got out there and didn’t hustle.
We see NBA teams try to stop the likes of Curray and other short quick guards that can jump. You don’t stop that. You can only try to control it and make sure the other players don’t score. Watson will get his just stop the others better. Block out better and after helping get back to your man quickly.
We have shown we can shoot in the small gyms. Remember, Emery and Sejlass are freshmen. Their senior year in high school were in small gyms.
You are correct that sometimes the freshman make freshman mistakes. But, reality is, we have to make layups and tear drops much better. And make free throws going down the stretch of games.

I wondered why we kept letting the kid drive to his strong hand, over and over and over. Maybe because it’s because we are not very good on D? Hmmmm…Emery again shows why he is a legit future star and AA candidate: he is poised, can stroke it from outside, and, my fav–can take it and finish at the rim in a variety of athletic ways against guys who are bigger than he is. Love his game. PS People should maybe guard Seljaas. Great job in this game by all BYU guards to find the open man, limit turnovers, and play very unselfishly. But we may want to play a wee bit more D vs Gonzaga.

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We played a lot of zone. And, he was able to go with both hands. But, like I said, you have to make sure the other players don’t get the open shots. I thought we did pretty good at that. But, we also missed some layups and tear drops. That’s concentration.
Gonzaga will be a different game. The size is going to be important to make the layups we do get and free throws. If we play offense like tonight we will get open shots.
I’d like to see our offense do more screening away. We tend to just stand around without the ball. Have more motion going on.

Yeah, 93 points at our house. Rose said he would address it. I can see it now when BYU is on the road and we are not getting the calls we got last night (and there were plenty of calls that went BYU’s way). This will be ugly and BYU will lose SF, as well as some other bottom dwellers of the WCC on the road.

Gonna get ugly

How about realizing SF played a very good game offensively. You know their coach is saying the same thing about giving up 102 points! That’s just the way those games go. Who knows what will happen at SF or Gonzaga.

One of the real truths behind the win is the fact that Fischer has done a pretty good job of playing UNSELFISCH basketball the last several games.

Has anybody noticed how much more consistent he has been lately? The guy has had several 20 point games either in a row or frequently over the last few weeks. I like the way he is playing within himself and not trying so hard to do it all… he is more of a team player.

That makes him a better overall player too.

Maybe it’s because Rose has settled in a rotation and the players have learned more about each other to play better as a team. This, Fischer was never selfish to begin with.

Yeah he was selfish and lots of sports guys that follow BYU were saying it. There were several articles after this game that mentioned how well the TEAM did because of “unselfish” play. I am not the only person out there who has used the word to describe some of the players on the team before this. Your theory is true but once again you are stating the obvious and it provides no insight or anything new that we don’t already know.

Sorry you don’t think Fischer has a tendency once in awhile to be selfish because every other sportswriter and fan that follows BYU basketball has seen it and commented on it before.

No not lots of sports guys are saying he was or is selfish. One person doesn’t mean a lot. Nice try but you can’t give a list of a lot of sports guys. Not even in here. I’ve only seen one other person suggesting Fischer is selfish. :slight_smile:

I read a half dozen articles that said the same thing after I was harping on it.

So whatever…

Or you read one article several times to make it seem it was several articles :-0