The Rim and Switch and Peel continued

Thanks Fish. Just moving it to the basketball forum.
Not sure about the article’s interpretation. From the video, there won’t be the same number of 3 point attempts if run properly. Maybe 10-15 in most games.
A lot will have to be decided on what the defense is doing and how far out they play on us and how tight they are. The motion will give openings and depending on the defenses rim protectors, the midrange game will be important again.
The author also questioned our defense with all the defenders we got in the portal? I think our defense will be the reason for many wins and blowouts.

Fish posted:
Defense, Lets cover the Switch and Peel Defense first:
The Basics of the Peel Switch (

pretty basic, the defender (1) gets beat on the dribble, the next defender (2) (usually a forward) picks up the dribbler (1) while defender 1 “peels off” and finds the now open offensive (2) player. Sometimes everyone shifts except the weak side corner defender. Simple

On Offense, the Rim and 3:
should really be called the 5 man out motion offense:

5-Out Motion Offense - YouTube

Kevin Young Shares Offensive Philosophy for BYU Basketball