The SCU loss, Another predictable Rose road failure

Why does Rose lose on the Road? Here we are in the same old pattern doing the same old things. I am posting a news article and look at the date and read who the players are (mind you, this is a senior laden team)

Just an excerpt…Guard Anson Winder echoed Rose’s sentiment, saying the team needs some positive things to happen to regain its confidence and swagger. The Cougars host San Francisco on Thursday and Santa Clara on Saturday. They beat those teams 99-68 and 81-46 at the beginning of the month.

How is it that Rose can consistently blow out teams at the Marriott by 30 and go on the road and lose? Give me your thoughts. We have a lot to talk about

There are other posts that have been going over your question. You might want to read them :slight_smile:

We don’t really have much to talk about. Haws stunk it up and was rewarded with about 35 min of pt. Emery was hurt, scored only 5 points played poorly on defense but played more mins that EVERYONE on either team as a reward for him committing to BYU so long ago. LJ won’t shoot except from the rt corner. 3 pts and fairly poor defense. Mika can’t pass out of the post and had no assists and 4 TO’s. Minus Bryant the entire bench played less minutes than Haws. Where/What do we talk about? We can guess that the success of the last two games, and the free substitution pattern Rose used that lead to wins was shot down by Emery and Haws who both hold veto power over their minutes being less than 30 regardless of performance and lack of production … Kind of like the UN assembly council but not quite as efficient. The one play that personified the effort and concentration of our BYU team was the long out let pass of SC that put the ball in Brownridges hands at the 3 pt line on BYU’s end. Fortunately, BYU had not 1 player, but 4 players
All within the 3 pt circle while All other players on both teams were at the other end of the court. BYU players were taking amongst themselves until they realized Brownridge was only 10 get away with the ball. 3 pter made while TJ ninja leaps in that direction. Turned off the TV. I have to question coach Roses basketball IQ. This team is coachless.

If Duke shuts its own players out of the locker room for poor performance, what does that tell you about Rose? Change the starting line up, change the playing time, change the attitude, and change the program. OR CHANGE the coach!

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I was hoping for more of a statistical response, but I am to blame for calling for Rose’s head as much as anyone.

I could point out that BYU had 18 turnovers and if you go back and look at every lose BYU has had, our turnovers are much higher in games lost than in games won.

I could point out that Mika had everyone fouled out and scored on 3 straight possessions, whittled the game down to 6 points with 5 minutes to go…and then never gets another look for the rest of the game.

Haws, Emery and Bryant went 1-6 from 3 land. 3s are tough on the road so why not opt for more penetration and inside stuff

Bryant didn’t shoot 3’s. He did drive and score. He needed to do a lot more but not try to make trick passes for turnovers.
Emery took open 3’s. He didn’t force things because of his injury. Bringing Beo or Guinn in for him gives us nothing either. They can’t create shots either. Nor do they work to get open.
It gets back to inexperience and this year we are full of it. I don’t expect this teams to make the same bad mistakes by next year. Especially missing layups. 4 last night. Haws tried to get fancy and missed a 4" finger roll by 3".
In the road, we have to make the easy shots and almost every loss we have missed easy shots. To me, that’s where the games are lost.

I am not buying into your philosophy of not playing kids more than 8 min/game and then declaring they can’t score. They haven’t been given the green light. I can be reasonably sure if Beo was told to go score last night and given 38 minutes of pt he would have scored more than 5 pts. Bryant 0 - 2 and Haws and Emery 1 - 6 each from 3 pt line. Rose takes one shot the whole night? Haws is like 4-14 from 2pt area. I have been saying since the beginning of the year this team can’t beat good teams with the starters of Mika, rose,Emery, Haws and Childs. They also will lose to bad teams on the road a surprising number of times… Mission rust, more playing time, gelling … All excuses for poor fundamental basketball. Haws was so bad last night he should have been pulled. Emery after the first 5 min was history. He had no lift on his shot and no defense. They actually put Haws on broadridge because Emery couldn’t keep up. 70%0 Emery isn’t as good as 100% of some other unnamed players. What a perfect time to let players play off the bench. The win didn’t mean anything for BYU anyway. Poor thought-out game plan and no in game adjustments. It was a turning point in my opinion of Coach Rose.

Coach did bring in Guinn to play on Brownridge. He still got open. Emery has his number but as I’ve stated before you did, he wasn’t full speed. More so on his shot than his defense.
Haws had a poor game. But to think Beo would have somehow been better is a complete dream. He cannot create his own shots. He’s a spot up shooter that hears footsteps and won’t shoot. When he was in, he played his poorest defense of the year.
Mika ended up getting his points but struggles against big post men. He tries to do too much. Many times he takes too long to recognize the defense on him before driving. He needs at least one more year. The only thing that would make him decide to go NBA is the referees inconsistency.
Bryant missed a couple of 3’s but didn’t keep jacking them up. He was 5-8 and took the ball to the basket on them. He’s a player. He needs to recognize traps better on the sideline.
I just don’t like our offense. Too much standing around and week screens. The loss however isn’t because of Rose. He can’t lay the ball up for them. We missed about 4 layups uncontested. Last couple of years I’ve been saying we lose because of missing layups and short shots. Even with a week defense we still should have won more games had we not missed layups and short shots.

It is a poor offense for this team. I agree. If Emery isn’t in the game to play defense then what was he in for? Beo would have scored more than 5 points in 38 minutes. Beo didn’t play good defense??? In his 3 min of pt his guy didn’t score… Neither did the two guys he helped on. I am not advocating that Beo start games, but I will tell you that he should have played over Rose last night. Rose didn’t shoot 3 times when he was open for a spot up jumper. Beo would shoot that shot according to you. Beo or Leifson misses a shot or 2 and they get pulled out… Not Haws or Emery… Even when they are hurt, not playing defense, or turning the ball over at alarming rates. Nope they stay in the game so they develop bad habits which they obviously think are OK! Like u said, Haws and Rose and Emery are great players! My opinion is that they just aren’t good enough to beat quality teams. I say let them play and get us to 12 losses… Don’t put in Bei or Aytes, Leifson, Guinn, shaw, Corbin or any others besides the 6 who get 95% of the minutes. See how the rest of the season turns out. Then we can go through issues again when LJ isn’t here next year because no one else was allowed the leash to get into games for meaningful minutes with the green light to shoot and not get taken out if they miss. Wait until next year. If the starters are Haws, Mika, Emery, Childs, and Bryant we will not have a decent enough bench to win against good teams. We can just watch and see who is correct. If we get into the NCAA tourney next year, we will not win a game. That is my prediction. I don’t think we will get in though unless Rose start doing lots of things differently.

Hopper, TJ as a senior in HS played AAU against a little soph on a team called Friends of Hoop out of Seattle. … Friends of Hoop won 78 to 72. Who was the leading scorer in the game and who did Haws guard part of the time? You may be surprised… He scored 27 pts. Haws scored 16. Head to head. You have no idea what you are taking about when you say so and so can’t make their own shot.

I think some of the things that the hopper says are accurate but he misses on quite a few as well. I know that what thawk is saying is spot on. These are the same exact things he has said before and they haven’t changed. I’ve also warned about the lack of player development and accountability… nothing has changed their either.

It sickens me to watch the LP3 suck it up out there. This isn’t 2012 and they aren’t playing high school basketball. There is no accountability at all. The LP3 are allowed to do whatever they want with no repercussions whatsoever. Haws and Emery are turnover machines, Mika is forcing it way too much and all three of them think they need to get theirs or bring the team back from always being behind. Heck, the situation is even affecting Bryant now. He passed up several scoring opportunities because of it.

This team is a shambles right now. They will get a big win at home against some wcc patsy again and pretend everything is great, but it isn’t. I stand by my comments of the last two months. I’m tired of the schtick, the helter skelter style of play with no accountability and the complete lack of cohesion with this team. It’s horrible to watch because the whole thing was so overhyped and yacked about for years, and has resulted in nothing more than a giant flop.

thawk is exactly right and nobody can blame the bench guys that come in cold and fill a spot on the floor for a couple minutes because they might as well not be out there… short leashes, not allowed to make a mistake and pigeon holed by the coaching staff and “star” players.

TJ Haws threw down dunks-even in traffic–when he was in high school. I’m confused why he didn’t dunk when he drove baseline to an unguarded hoop. Earlier this year he missed a dunk on a 1v0 breakaway. He needs a lot more strength and hop in those spindly legs if he is going to be a consistently good player. Not sure why he is playing below the rim.

  1. Poor defensive concept–our players seem unable to stay on their feet in front of their man.
  2. Cheating on D. LJ Rose looks like he is not even interested in guarding his guy. He sags into the middle to double non scorers and leaves shooters unguarded on the arc. Ditto Haws. It cannot be possible that they are being coached to double in the mid to high post and leave shooters unguarded outside, but we did that probably 10 times last night.
  3. We don’t respect each possession. We looked like a bad YMCA league team out there. Half of the first half turnovers were laughable–lazy passes like guys couldn’t care less. Additionally, we had maybe 10 of the most wild, off balance, selfish shots every that should count as turnovers.
  4. Combination of #2 and #3 was a 0-16 points off turnover deficit at half. Game over then.
  5. No poise. Everyone not named Mika looked shellshocked. Bryant got some late lay ins, but let’s be honest here–they were gimmes against a “no foul” defense after the game was decided.
  6. I cannot believe the demolition of a team that we have witnessed this year. I do NOT think we could do any better than Dave Rose, but I DO think Dave Rose could give us more than he has this year. LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS of teams play a TON of freshmen and sophomores without imploding they way BYU has this year.
  7. I also watched the Ducks play Utah last night. I was VERY VERY happy to see the Ducks win. I haven’t seen anyone complain more or look more anguished than Coach Krybaby since the CNN lady on election night. Either team would beat us by 20 and have the scrubs in the entire last 5 minutes of the game.

That is too funny, Tom. I am still laughing about election night…smug Van Jones, "What we have here is…a…a…whitelash. PC moronic media.

That quote is the single reason why Rose is a terrible road coach and why BYU is this Jekyll team. We win at home because shots fall, we lose on the road because the other guy is home and their shots fall, simple as that. If you value possessions, you make darn sure that TOs are under 8 per game and hero ball is a swear word. You also know that the signature of a team is the 3…so make them take the 3 with you knockin knees or drive into Mika/Childs land but you never, ever, ever run three guys at one shooter cause he will just pass the rock to a open shooter.

Rose needs to recruit just one lock down athlete. Use a scholly on him…99% of all college teams have a scoring machine on the team, you shut him down and the team folds. BYU never has that type of player, we always get the Mr Basketball types, we pee ourselves with excitement and then reality happens. Defense is 50% of the game and Rose believes it is 10% of the game.

Rose has had to recruit players to the WCC and HS gyms and to see him land top 100 players is borderline miracle stuff but Rose is a terrible road coach and pathetic NCAA dance coach, with exception to Jimmer years, and that will never change.

Tlarimar, agree with u on all your points above!

Because he is a pasty white guy who doesn’t think he can do that anymore. I’m surprised that Mika isn’t going in there and shooting the 2 foot layup now. Davis is 6’8" and he was laying it up all the time. BYU, for whatever reason, likes playing below the rim, small ball. This has been going on for years though. It has been refreshing to see Mika and Childs go in strong and dunk the ball, but the rest of the guys just seem to want to make layups… and as grasshopper says, they miss a lot of easy, close in shots and layups. According to him, that is the reason they keep losing games they should win.

And I am correct. Thank you :slight_smile:
The game is still moving to fast for Haws. He will eventually stay strong and in control enough to dunk. It’s why he falls down and sticks his nose on the ground to dribble.

Now our women’s BBall team lays an egg at LMU despite having two players score in double figures and Kalaini gets 17 rebounds. What is up. Is the schedule format to blame or is it something else?

Could be. I don’t get it and why they are doing this. It’s unnecessary. Of course, LMU could just have been the better team that day. Happened with the volleyball team against UCI Friday night.

Hopper, the VB TEAM suffered from the same malady as coach Rose. They sat there and played the biggest attitude on the team, Patch, realizing that he can’t serve. He missed 12 of 14 serves and Lost them the match. The difference between Shawn Olmstead and Dave Rose is that Shawn will compete for a national championship and Dave won’t. Shawn took his best player, who refuses to concentrate, and put his butt on the bench. No more serving fire patch until he can show the Coach he can put 7 out of 8 over the net. That is a coach… Rose is an enabler. BYU beats UC Irvine as a result and Patch is taught a lesson. May have to do it again too!!

Don’t try to explain or reason with the hopper. You will only get static and irrational replies.