The state of BYU basketball-2/13

No doubt, the addition of Sharp to the lineup made that SMC game a cup cake. Sure SMC could not find a bucket but then BYU would not let any of the guards have an open look (best defensive output of the year in my opinion).
Veteran leadership trumps potential for now with Sharp and Bartley coming up big time.

Want a glimpse of the future? Kaufusi, with his 4 blocks tied Fred Roberts for 4th all time at BYU for blocks in a season for a freshman. Just imagine Kaufusi, Andrus playing with Mika in the low post along with Emery and TJ at guard sprinkle in a ligit power forward and BYU would be scary. ESPN’s Doug Gottlieb tweeted that BYU would be an easy top 25 with Mika

Yes I said it, Mr Hawks and KC, all local boys and 3 from lone peak…The future is bright so I got to wear shades. Rose is going to be smiling for the next 5 years.

We have got to get into a P5 conference, imagine the talent Rose could attract if he didn’t have to play in HS gyms.

This is the “state of BYU basketball” on 2-13.

9-5, third place in the wcc. Swept by Pepperdine and losses to #1, #2 and San Diego in conference.

No NCAA tourney berth with a decent chance of a NIT berth.

That is the state of BYU basketball today.

Anything else is conjecture and hype. Just because we hope something can happen, doesn’t mean it will.

BYU beats all the teams not named Gonzaga and they have a 50% chance of dancing. I did not think that was possible after the SDU loss but that is where things sit.

At this point BYU has to win in Portlandia and they have to get to the Semi’s and beat a SMC or whoever. The idea of knocking off Gonzaga is laughable to me but if enough bubble teams stumble out there, BYU has the RPI and the quality wins to be a bubble team.

I still can’t wrap my head around how good Sharp played last night.

Man-Fish I hate to see you go from such highs to such lows-one game- enjoy it-it’s going to take the finals to have a ghost of a chance to make the dance

I know…I am just bored sitting over here looking at the Massey’s matrix. I was very excited to see Kaufusi, Sharp and Bartley play well. But, BYU is playing into a bubble team again…we will see after Portlandia

Its all about the bubbles…UCLA just got popped in a big way with a loss to ASU. Next Az.
Cinn popped, three straight losses
Syracuse just played into the bubble with the Louisville shellacking.