"The sucker punch did away with years of goodwill that BYU has built" - Trevor Matich

Trevor went on to say that he thinks it will take years to repair the damage from the brawl and sucker punch. Is this something other people are concerned about? Because I really think it will fade away, and thanks to the Utah coaching fiasco it already has been pushed aside locally.

Anyone agree with Trevor?

I agree with Trevor. After reading dozens of comments from numerous articles on the internet, there is no doubt that BYU has egg on their face. Unfortunately, the verbal or written attacks have not been kind to BYU or the Church. Most accusations refer to a self righteous attitude that is commonly associated with BYU and the Church. We all know this is not anything new, but the undisciplined actions of players throughout the season has added a lot of fuel to an unwanted fire.

completely disagree. Matich is a sensationalist.

I believe there are going to be some repercussions from this, but not as dire as the situation that Trevor painted. Those who already had pre-conceived notions about the Cougars prior to the brawl will use this as fire, and there will be some that this tarnishes the BYU image, but the school can overcome this.

No, I believe it will only have short term issues.

After some time the whole Miami Beach Brawl is passe’ to me. Two teams fought hard for sixty minutes, then multiple over times. All the players were hyped up and at the same time tired out. To me let it go. Why should an incident at the end of a meaningless bowl game be fodder for player suspensions. BYU has a football team as does Memphis. So what, a few jaws and hemets got cracked at the end of a hard fought battle. Come on, its football boys
.I think the second half of the BYU-Mississippi game was more of a disaster than the Miami Beach Brawl. The meltdown of the BYU men’s basketball in the second half in the NCAA play in game vs. Ole Miss was really embarrassing and a real loss of image for the BYU men’s basketball team. .


Anytime that any people, business, church, or organization sets itself up as better than all of the competition, the competition will alway capitalize on proving you wrong, and many will even gloat over doing so.’

I like the scripture that says, “He who prays in public shall be rewarded by that public” “He who prays in the closet shall be rewarded by me”, so say it, the Lord.

I think that those among us that wear, so to speak, their religion on their shirt sleeves, are opening themselves up for criticism.

By many, we are perceived as a very arrogant and unlikeable people. Instead of defending our actions, perhaps, we should find away to hold on to our beliefs in a more acceptable manner, or-------not complain about the perception that so many have of us.

None of us are making light of the fracas, however it will fade into near-oblivion sooner than we might think. There are those who just can’t deal with it. Most folks in the real world realize that LDS folks do not own the franchise on perfection. Nor do we claim to. Some folks not of our faith get on us whatever we do. Sure, all coaches must closely screen recruits to weed out any potential bad apples. Can’t get it right 100% of the time. Some observers want the public to be informed regarding all player discipline. How lame is that! (certain Trib writer).
We constantly get accused of sweeping this stuff under the rug. These folks claim to know every detail. What a joke.
GO Cougars

much ado about nothing