The Super bowl, surprised no one posted?

I got busy, wanted to.

1 My fav. two teams faced off. I have been a big 49er fan for close to 40 years. Montana then Young. Now Reid, Mahomes and Kelse have me locked in.

2 Mahomes is a generational player. Genuine, mature beyond his years, family man, pleaded with his players before the game. Do not party in Vegas and I will pay for the party after, can’t say enough about his leadership.

3 Reid brings his LDS values to a team locked in for rings. Mahomes and Maholo (hahahha) all reflect his leadership in a world that sensationalizes all the wrong values. I’m in augh.

4 Feel bad for Warner and the Niner defense, Warner locked down Kelse for 90% of that game, he deserved a ring.

5 McCaffrey would of won it for San Fran. but for some inexplicable reason, they went away from him. With “no threat long ball” Purdy, they should of Kittled and McCaffrey’d KC to death.
Christian McCaffrey - San Francisco 49ers Running Back - ESPN

  1. Special teams won that game, end of story…on both sides.

7 in the end, you never should of bet on Mahomes, he will make every pay for doubting KC. And they made it clear…

8 we are young and we will be back for our 3 peat.

9 before you post, you have to tell us what your super bowl foods were and…

10 which commercial you loved best?

We had wings, 14 hr brisket, guac. 7 layer bean dip, chessy white bean chicken chile. various deserts for a great food coma

did I miss anything?

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Towards the end of the game, they mentioned that Kittle had to go to the locker room because he was injured. Not sure he was 100% after that.

McCaffery ran the ball for the most part on the last possession in OT. I will question some of the play calls in the red zone for the 49ers.

My opinion, is we saw what great defenses looks like in both SF and KC. Most of the points were made off FG’s (three of the longest in Super Bowl History).

and a trick play and a special teams faux pas

The loss by the 49ers ended up being that blocked extra point. However, I agree with Fish that they went away from running the ball.

Your feed bag is hard to top. I am almost embarrassed to comment Nothing special at ours. Chili I made, artichoke dip a friend’s wife made, queso & chips, a snack tray with summer sausage, veggies, cheese etc., homemade chocolate chip cookies, store bought fried pies.

I was conflicted about the game. I like both teams so I really couldn’t lose. I was leaning a bit toward SF but was glad to see Reid get number 3. If there was any question that he is one of the all time great coaches he put it to rest.

The whole Taylor Swift thing puts me off and Kelce
is a bit over the top for me, but no doubt he is phenomenal player. He and Mahomes
took over in the 2nd half just like stars do. It looked like SF decided in the first half to take away Kelce because the KC wideouts are pretty ordinary this year. Reid must have made adjustments to figure
how to get him the ball…

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Why does Kelcy and Swift turn you off? Seems real to me so far. It’s really the media that overdoes it. But she’s well followed and he’s got the energy to be great. Probably should approach his coach a bit different. I wouldn’t be sure if the team owner will fine Kelcy.

I don’t like all the attention celebrities get. I know the players are celebrities but when it comes to celebrities I have almost zero interest in their personal lives. I suspect their marriage will last about 3 days which is the average length of celebrity marriages.

I get out my phone at halftime and browse.
I find the halftime shows intolerable.

I find most of the pregame intolerable. The alternate national anthems and so forth. We are all Americans. I tune in at the national anthem and watch the game and watch some of the postgame.

You see I am 73 years old so I got over the celebrity stuff and bad pop music decades ago. I don’t want politics mixed with my sports and entertainment.

I don’t see that sport and entertainment are being mixed because an athlete and a pop star are dating or married. Two people got together and one is an athlete and the other a singer. It’s the media that are making this more than it is.

sounds pretty good.

Taylor Swift- I actually had a bet on how many cutaways we would see after a Kelce catch. I got paid with a “Over 6”. hahahaha. Her clock is ticking at 33, should have a couple of kids with an alfa male.
I got no problem with her, just how many new NFL fans does the league have because of TS?

We had some of those spicy chicken wings with lots of meat on them, homemade potato wedge fries, a pasta salad and a fruit salad with some sherbet, pineapple juice and 7 up wedding reception punch.

As for the game I am a long time 49er fan that kept watching the team make the smallest of mistakes, catch some really bad breaks and lose to an average team with a fantastic coach and quarterback. It is like watching Brady and Belicek all over again. Kelce is a punk. I can name at least 10 tight ends who would do the same thing with Mahomes as their QB and Reid as their coach. The other recievers are average. The KC defense coach is good but not Andy Reid good. The Niners are the better team but lost because of some weird plays (PAT miss, punt hit dudes back leg, etc.) and one of the greatest NFL coaches and quarterbacks ever.

It’s unfortunate but the recipe for winning in the NFL is a great coach and a great QB. Everyone else can be an average player. Also it doesn’t hurt having the biggest pop music star in the world watching from your press box.

The Hopper comes through again with one of his “only the Hopper would say this” comments when he says he doesn’t see that sport and entertainment are being mixed. Classic Hopper. SPORTS IS ENTERTAINMENT in today’s world. What planet are you living on Hopper?

Well, KC made some mistakes too. Instead of running the ball some more from the 10, they pass. Like BYU. We can knit-pick about stuff like that. But I won’t.
And then like the Hawk, he thinks he sees a rat from 200 ft but ends up being a stuffed toy bear. See, he doesn’t see that I was separating sports and pop singers in the entertainment business. :tired_face:

Halftime show anyone?

It simply isn’t separate anymore. It’s all about the entertainment. Pure sport died a long time ago.

Kelce plays football. He doesn’t sing. Swift is a pop singer and doesn’t play NFL football. Do you understand the difference?

ding ding, winner

Average team? ouch
Kelce dates a billionaire.

That is PURDY stiff words

I meant, NEVER bet against Mahomes. Reid, Mahomes Maholo for a 3peat.

They won without Tyreek Hill. In 10 years nobody will remember who their running back or wide receivers were and Kelce is only famous because Mahomes built him and Taylor Swift made him a household name. He’s like Gronkowski… there are 10 tight ends who could do the same in KC.

Its Belicek and Brady all over again. The recipe for winning in the NFL is set in stone.

Kelce made himself over the 32 years of his life. He worked hard to be where he is right now. Reid and Mahomes believed he’s who they needed and could work with. Clearly they are right. As far as his personal relationships, none of my business. Hope it works out for him and her.

Gronk and Kelse-HallOf Famers!

No, he will be remembered as one of the best (like Gronk) at what he does best. “Catch the ball” and move it downfield and hard to tackle. I don’t like the sideshow of Swift, but that is none of my business.

The Kelce family has produced 3 NFL talented sons that are critical to the teams they play on. That says something about the “Talent” of a Kelce.

Yes, Hill left (and how did that turn out for Miami?) the team, but Rashee Rice (WR) was the second leading receiver for KC this year (938 slightly behind Kelce at 984) and improving every game.

Not sure why you have to be negative about Mahomes and Kelce or dismiss what Brady and Gronk did. But as they say “Sucess breeds jealously”. The one thing I say about Mahomes, he doesn’t get into the “hype” machine and remains pretty humble, unlike several other stars of the NFL.

For the record, I am a Packers fan. I don’t see them doing anything until they figure out the word “defense” and what it means.

I thought this game was one of the best in recent history where 3 FG’s were 50+ yard (all Bowl records)
The defense for the most part dictated this game. Sad SF failed in OT, I wanted to see a 2 or 3 Overtimes. Neither team has no reason to hang thier heads.

As they also say, nobody remembers who was runner up either. SF played great but they will hang their heads enough to come back and play smarter and know the rules of overtime. :grin:
Excellent post, Floyd.

Moma Kelse is very leery of the Swift moment. She does want her by to be a # in the Taylor war chest.
Taylor should settle down with this one. It is the 1st Alfa Male she has collected, imagine the kids these two could produce. At any rate, I would give it .01% that it could ever work

He and Reid are on the same page no matter what the rest of the world does. I could see this thing continue for as long as they are 100% vested.

Did anyone see that Danial Sorensen was back with KC on the Practice squad after being traded…I have eaten some of his elbows in church ball…playing when he was under contract, foolish risk. He is married Jill Halford, the sister to BYU’s guard, Skyler Halford in our stake. Daniel and Skyler would show up in our playoffs along with their deadeye dad. Made for some epic games. Rivals those All Church leagues and their stacked pro teams back in the day.
Who Is Daniel Sorensen’s Wife? A Look inside His Family Life (