The too early for primetime schedule 2024

So Who is the idiot that set this one up?
[An Early Look at BYU’s 2024 Schedule (](MSN

@Wy and @SMU in consecutive weeks???
Fire that guy

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I didn’t find the article.

Holmoe? blah blah blah

Had to be 10 characters

I’m 99% sure Brian Santiago is the Sr Assoc AD primarily responsible for scheduling…

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Bad scheduling. We’re in a big conference now maybe just one away non-conference game. Two is dumb. Yep someone thought we were still independent or back in th WAC/MWC

All the crybaby armchair QBs, coaches and ADs. Unbelievable! :rofl:

I agree that Santiago is the one who sets up the schedule. Just perplexing to me. He is a really nice guy who got his position from his connections rather than qualifications. He is seen traveling around with the men’s bb, women’s bb and lately the women’s vb team (which is strange when you seen team pics on IG that show the team …. Some coaches and then Santiago. He has really good teeth whitening agents though! This schedule is terrible and I hope they are called out on it. Unfortunately it will be swept under the table until BYU loses 1 or both of the games …. Then it will quietly not be repeated again with no accountability.

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From my sources it was Tom Holmoe that made the final decision on who to keep on the schedule and who to release from the contract.

Remember this schedule was made several years ago (like say 10 years) when BYU was still independent.

Not sure why they kept SMU, but the Wyoming game was something Holmoe wanted to do to build better relationships with the MWC teams that still harbored some ill feelings with BYU. That is why we played SDSU last couple of years.

Good points Floyd!

Santiago is over the basketball program, not the football program.
Source: his mom

Yes, Santiago Dad worked at BYU, but that is not the influence that helped get him the job, it was actually another “big guy” at BYU his name was Lavell Edwards.

The Edwards and Santaigo’s are neighbors as well as both husbands working for BYU.

I know Ella Santiago pretty well, we met while I was working as a developer for the State Hospital where Ella was a teacher for the kids that are there. My wife is also a teacher came down and helped out with some special projects with her.

Not sure why you dislike the Santiago so much, but from my interactions with both both boys they great guys and I believe Brian is “qualified” for what he does for AD office.

I think after the debacle that Hale did as AD, BYU is a lot more careful what they hire in the AD’s office.

I don’t know the answer to this so call me out if wrong but find me a major college program that schedules 2 away pre conference games. I can see if say a Washington goes to LSU as it is in the interest of getting to the playoffs (not as important with 12 team playoff) but not likely they scheduled another away game

If BYUs schedule was already set then might be different story.
Point is why increase the probability for a preseason loss (oh, that’s right, probably analytics confuses you) when you don’t have to. Plus an extra home game is good for byu fans to go attend.

Good context.

Well, I do agree with you. Now that we have 10 P5 games, no reason to make it more difficult.

An Early Look at BYU’s 2024 Schedule - BYU Cougars on Sports Illustrated: News, Analysis, and More

The 1st 5 games
1 H- So Ill. Win
3 @ SMU
4 @ Az State
5 @ Baylor

Are you Freakin Kidding me!!!
This season could be over before BYU even plays the meat. Nobody is that stupid to line up 4 straight road games…nobody.

Then after 4 home games, BYU plays back to back road games
@ Utah.

Floyd, I don’t have a vendetta against Santiago but just watched him and his brothers over the last 30+ years. Santiago family father may have been a great friend of LE but they (the boys) were given positions at BYU that included scholarships on the basketball team and football teams where their athletic ability wasn’t good enough for Weber St let alone BYU. Kind of like Covey x 5. Athletically their exploits were not D-1 quality and neither was Sean Covey especially when Mike Young was a way better athlete and QB than Covey and wasn’t given a shot at the field while Covey did nothing. Political appointments and donations and maybe friendships with the senior BYU brass got the Santiago’s and Covey into/onto BYU teams. Brian is super nice but he isn’t viewed by many as smart enough to run the part of the program he has been handed. Tom really likes him. That is his saving grace. Both he and Tom like to travel together and it is a big waste of money. Both are not needed on away road trips with specific teams. Santiago is a professional networker! I heard that they both went to Europe on the BYU dime for almost a month this past summer. I don’t have 100% confidence in my source on that but 95% certain it is accurate. I can tell you if it is true that one of them should be working on campus while the other one is gone. I will leave it at that with Holmoe. Santiago was single handedly responsible for the lack of supervision in the men’s basketball program with Nick Emery. I know for certain that he was alerted to potential issues but chose to ignore rather than work a little extra to find some answers. He also allowed certain boosters access to the locker room by shear laziness. He could have delegated the work of social media monitoring but he was again, more concerned about his friendship with Rose and the other coaches in the program …… and of course traveling with the team for no apparent business or supervision reason. Brian’s actions or lack of actions and a small coverup got BYU hit hard and Rose had to give up wins with the program. Nice guy credentials won’t get him anywhere unless TH stays as his boss! He is big into his personal look and he hob-knobs rather than works.

That is my explanation about my opinion on Santiago and I have other more specific reasons that shouldn’t be put out in public but suffice it to say that Santiago wouldn’t be in his position at any other P5 school in the country except BYU. He loves ARod by the way!

Brian works on the football schedule at Tom’s direction. Tom makes the final decisions but Brian does all the legwork and most of the details. His mom’s opinion doesn’t hold water here. Santiago is involved in many sports schedules.

Yikes indeed! Didn’t know we had 4 aways to start the season. Again, zero or max one non-conference game. So overall, 6 home 6 away. should be 7 and 5 possibly 8 and 4 away.
I think it is very curious what the Big 12 scheduled BYU, 2 away then 5!! in a row at Provo (did I read that right?) and then close with 2 away. So good news is 5 home 4 away in Big 12. Just looks curious with 5 in a row home games. Not saying that’s bad. I’m guessing 4 home and 5 away in 2025.
We don’t control Big 12 scheduling, so pre-conference scheduling needs to give us all the advantages/opportunities we can get. Hopefully go schedule a good, meaning top 4 in conference Big10 or SEC next year even away as huge upside if we win, not a lot of downside if we lose.
Is the scheduling that flexible to do some next year?

Just another one of the reasons BYU will continue to be mired in mediocrity…

Too much nepotism, winking and back slapping and not enough grinding work to get things done.

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