The Transfers, Why Pope is all in

It really isn’t that Pope is all in, Every coach in bball has to live and die by it except for the very elite. Ever since the NCAA changed two foundational aspects of bball, this monster called the Transfer Portal has been the future of sports.
1- Don’t have to wait a year
2- NIL Money.
Put complete control of sports in the hands of the athlete. Don’t like it, transfer! Not getting play time? Transfer. Someone can get me more money? Transfer.

2 years ago, Coach Pope got Barcello, then Haarms. Really made BYU good. Last year, not so good with Knight and Lucas but passable. This season, Robison, Williams and Waterman. To date…passable. Missed on several Dominate inside players.

What Pope is finding out is that teams are very volatile with transfers but what Pope IS doing right…he IS locking down the future with HS Point Guards that will stick around and run our motley crews today and tomorrow. And That makes BYU work. Hall and Chandler gives BYU about 6 years of great floor generals and you can really build on that.

Dallin Hall came in a little under the radar only because he hails from little known Fremont High, I had to look it up and I live in Utah. Think Farr West, West of Ogden Utah. I have followed Hall from the day BYU offered and have been very high on him all along. He is built, rugged, perfect for the rough and trumble Big 12. he also has a shot, comfortable from anywhere on the court. Big BIg upside.
Fremont beats Davis in 6A Boys Championship - Bing video

Collin Chandler, The highest rated player to ever sign with BYU!!! (In fairness to Ainge and Shawn Bradley, these ratings did not exist). Chandler has a whole lot of Danny Ainge in him, just sayin…can shoot from anywhere, wizard with the ball, curry-ish.
4-Star Guard Collin Chandler Commits to BYU - Vanquish The Foe

Serving in Africa
Future BYU Guard Collin Chandler Receives Latter-day Saint Mission Call (

Will see him back for the 24-25 season. Bonus: imbedded was mentioned another player, Jacob Wahlin.
Jake Wahlin Junior Year - Jake Wahlin highlights - Hudl

The transfer portal is something that even the very elite schools have to live with. For example, forward Keion Brooks averaged double figure scoring for two years at Kentucky before transferring to Washington this past off season. As I recall Mady Sissoko was rumored to be thinking about entering the transfer portal last spring–BYU was mentioned as a possible destination–before deciding to return to Michigan State. The big thing is, as you mentioned, that Pope missed on several dominate inside players, thought how dominate remains to be seen: Mo Njie is averaging 4.5 rebounds and 2.5 points for SMU and Isaac Johnson doesn’t seem to be playing for Utah State (injury?). The real miss is Fredrick King who is contributing some solid minutes for Creighton.

BTW, If I recall correctly Jarom Jordan said that because of unrest in Somalia Colin Chandler will be serving in Spain after spending a bit of his mission in Washington, DC.

was talking to a coach about him today. Remember when I mentioned that he would probably come here after the mission? He was not happy at Oregon due to anti mormon stuff but Pope really didn’t recruit him post mission. Word is, he does not have that killer instinct that Spens has. Being so big, he really never was challenged.

Good to know. Those African misssions can be dicey. I can’t donate blood because I have been to Africa.

Is this a worry? The early signing period was this past week. BYU didn’t sign anyone.

I hope they sent him somewhere with a good gym and a companion who is good at grabbing rebounds and feeding him for 200 shots every now and then.

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As an Oregonian and the farthest thing from a “UofO Hater”—I generally roots for UofO football—it amazes me anytime ANY active LDS kid signs with the Ducks.

Dallin Hall goes on a mission to Steve Cleveland country, and he’s now playing like he never left. Makes one wonder. :grinning: