The Trumps test positive

The President and the First Lady have tested positive for COVID19. 32 days before the election.

And the fake news are using it to get in all kinds of digs at Trump. They will have a party with it Friday and on the weekend.

I think them doing that will backfire. I think also that this brings into light the importance of the Vice Presidential debate. Who would you want if the President dies? Pence or Harris? A God fearing capitalist or a cold Athiest Communist?

So sad, every Lib is dancing in the street right now…Meanwhile; the pres is asymptomatic, which just throws gasoline on the fire for his distain of the China virus. Be prepared for the news people to just soil themselves over this one. I will NOT be watching any news for the next 10 days or so. Ugh!

. Wuhan has mutated since March, Italy made a note of it back in July when they said that they saw more cases in July then they saw in March but people were not dying from it. I truly wish we had any news people with integrity.

Here in Utah, we have code Orange going on in Provo, Orem area because of “Young and Dumb” parties. Causing the Gov (who I have liked a lot through the years) to threaten to shut things down IF things spike way up…It already cost us fans at BYU Football. Meanwhile I just go about my normal routine and wear a mask when I go to the store like a good boy.