The WCC and chances of Dancing

The WCC is a three team race and always has been since BYU joined.

#1 Gonzaga clearly in the lead, they almost lost on the road to Pepperdine and they should have lost. Pepperdine comes in as a spoiler in the WCC, they have little chance of dancing but they do have the ability to beat a SMC or destroy a hot BYU team as we all witnessed. Gonzaga does have some holes and clearly can be beat. Pangos has games where is plays very average and when that happens (as in last night), they can be beat. The MVP for Gonzaga in league has to be Wiltjar who seems to get 20 every night he plays.

#2 SMC, and they will stay #2 until BYU can beat them at home. SMC has the best inside game in the WCC with Waldo but I am excited to see how BYU’s up tempo game wears on him. If BYU can hit shots like they did at Pacific, there is no way SMC can keep up. If Winder can play effectively and Fischer hits some shots, BYU has about a 40% chance. Do I think they are better than BYU? No, SMC always plays a weak preseason schedule and should never get a smell from the NCAA, but they do and they manage to win a GU or BYU game now and again. It works so why change.

#3 BYU, We did get 20 points from our bigs that we have not had since the pioneers came to settle the West. Good to see Andrus get minutes, by far our best big man effort. Kuafusi needs to get back to basics, don’t leave your feet, son. Can anyone tell why Bartley4 can’t get in a game? and Lastly, I am very disappointed that KC is getting no love from national sports. Here he is getting triple doubles at a level that the NCAA has never seen before and not a lick of a comment. It only proves one thing…Nobody cares about the WCC and nobody watches.

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