The women keep on winning

BYU beats Portland today to advance to the finals of the WCC tournament. Tough game. They can play better. 26 - 2…

hate to break the news but they lost…

they didn’t keep on winning.

Ya, pretty sad to see how they lost. Like the men, couldn’t make 3’s. If we would just not shoot so many 3’s and do what we do best, make 2’s.

Gonzaga own the WCC tournament as we all know they are the darlings for men’s and women’s basketball that’s all.

And both BYU men’s and women’s basketball team were having fatigue as usual coming from SG! Anyway we will see Where both BYU men’s and women’s wherever they play at.

It’s really not a problem. BYU sports programs excel in all categories. The basketball team had a good year even though they didn’t make the NCAA tourney. I’m proud that they had a 20 plus win season, as their team didn’t begin to look like we thought in preseason. They never quit and SF had a senior laden roster that played well down the stretch. Good for the Dons. Enjoy the NIT and look ahead to next year.

Well, the women are in and play Villanova. Tough first round matchup. I hope the women are better ready than the Gonzaga game and shoot great!

Women have been outstanding and no matter what, it’s been a great year for them