There are folks who actually want byu to play 9 p5 teams!

When the announcer said “Textbook,” I thought he meant “that is a textbook targeting call and so it will be upheld on review.” It sure looked obvious enough to me.

Agree with you Roy about the poor play. My issue with officals had to do with obvious penalties that don’t get called. Many calls get missed, but some are out in the open, and unbelievible that the refs are completely missing them. I saw a couple that happened to BYU receivers. First was with Blackmon who was trying to make a sideline catch catch for BYU’s first first down. I saw him get mugged by the Missouri DB, and waited for the flag. Never happened. I wondered if it was because of the thought that they felt he caught the ball.

Of course one other was with the face mask on Mathews in the 4th.

I believe the offensive lines problems are very much affecting our poor offensive performance.

Count me as one of the people who want to see 9 p5 teams. Consider, BYU had 4 p5 teams this year. They had all four on the road. They were in every game except the one against Michigan. Now, if they managed to have 9, they would have had at least 3 at home. I don’t think that BYU loses most of these. If BYU had their starting quarterback instead of a backup (who has played very well considering), they may be undefeated right now. It’s hard to say what would happen against Michigan given the added running threat and how that would have affected the game. They would almost certainly be a one loss team right now. They are two plays away from being a one loss team. One of the teams they almost beat on the road currently has an inside track on a berth in the PAC12 championship game. Missouri had their best game of the season. Even with their best game of the season and one of BYUs worst, BYU had the ball with the opportunity to get the go ahead score. People need to quit whining about one game.

First of all it is not just one game that we “are worried about.” Do you and others not realize that if Missou had not shot them selves in the foot several times last night they could have scored between 34 and 41 points. The issue is not what we could have been if so and so had not been injured or suspended or left school, the issue is who do we actually have on the field and how are they playing and how the coaches are coaching. Fantasy league is down the hall and to the right. This team, this season would probably win 2 or 3 games, possibly 4 with a schedule of 9 P5 teams. I am not voicing my concerns about one game or even this season, I am concerned over the past 6 years. But it is not a tragedy if they don’t win 10+ games, or go to a new years bowl, or play for the NC or get into a P5 conference. It’s just a game and they are just one of more than a hundred FB teams.

mint ice cream tastes like crest tooth paste…give me chunky chocolate or moose tracks. please.

Also give me a coach who understands that 3rd downs make or break games.

You make a crack about fantasy football and in the same breath state that the game could have been worse. Yes, it could have been worse, and it could have been better. I would bet that had BYU pulled out a win, there would have been no post about the dangers of playing 9 P5 games. They lost. I agree that they lost. I agree that BYU has 3 losses out of 4 P5 games. However, I disagree that they are not capable of playing a P5 schedule.
I’m a chess player. Having played in many tournaments, I have seen that players who avoid playing the upper level players never become upper level players. In order to become a high ranked player, you have to play high ranked players. If we want BYU to be a good mid level team, let’s play in a G5 conference with a few P5 teams to challenge us once in awhile. We will inevitably make it to some consolation new year’s day bowl games that are meaningless in the grand scheme of things because the only reason we made it was because they had to put someone from a G5 program in. If we want BYU to be a great team, they have to play great teams. That means they might lose sometimes. At first they might lose a lot. If you want your football program to be great, they need to play against great competition.

Roy: Good post. I know how you feel about BYU football. Every year since Bronco’s reign in indy we get the preseason hype. But BYU has always lost too many games by lousy coaching and play.I didn’t mean that the refs really made the difference in the Mizzou-BYU game. I was being caustic because we played so lousy and the luck seems to go against BYU a lot since we went indy and the YEWTS got into the PAC.

r black: Do you really believe that MO.,UCLA and Nebraska are great teams? Only Michigan is an upper level P-5 team in my opinion, and we lost three of the four we played against these P-5 teams.

UCLA is a good P5 team (7-3, will be 8-3 after this week). Nebraska is an average P5 team as is Missouri. I’m not sure how that relates to my posts.

No Mr. Black. It was actually 3 or 4 breaths

No problem txcoug.