There's A Lot More To BYU's Losses Than Shooting

San Diego made 9 of 21 3-pointers, while BYU hit 3 of 22, including missing 13 straight. The Cougars shot 37 percent overall, to the Toreros’ 48.8 percent.
Childs, who dealt with foul trouble all game, had his streak of scoring double-digits end at 26 games, as he had eight points on 3-of-8 shooting in 22 minutes.
San Diego out-rebounded the Cougars 37-24 and held BYU to two offensive rebounds.

These are highlights offered by the Deseret News - and even these don’t cover it. Horrible bench play, bad spacing, being outhustled, not being able to stay in front of guys on D, etc, etc. etc. Can anyone tell me where the upside is for this team. Are we supposed to be excited to get them all back next year (which, by the way, I don’t think will happen). Such stats as the above would be unacceptable against a really good team, but against San Diego - really.

This team is completely dysfunctional, period and that is going to be hard to overcome.

Rudy, I will chime in! This team is never going to get better because coach Rose is only as good as this team. It is a reflection of him! He should have been let go last year! Let him go now! Recruiting, offensive scheme, chemistry, vision, organization, staff assignments, favored player status, total lack of talent evaluation ability is Shining through in BYU basketball over the last 5 years! Over haul the entire roster and staff!

I know the hopper will try to discredit what I write. I know he will do this to try and stay “positive” because he thinks that is enough to make BYU a better team.

I’m afraid it is time to acknowledge and admit to what they really are. It is necessary if the program is ever going to get back on track… and right now this program is a train wreck, way off the tracks.

BYU is 3-3 in their last 6 games, with two of those wins in OT both of which were gifts as a result of bad officiating in BYU’s favor. One of the OT wins was against the last place team in the conference. Any statement that other teams are getting better is nonsense. Pepperdine is not “getting better”. If anything the other teams are getting better at preparing for BYU and learning how to beat them. BYU isn’t doing the same, they are struggling to beat the bottom teams and losing to the middle teams, all when they ran through the first half of conference play near the top…

How does this demonstrate improvement?

It is time to tell it like it is. It isn’t getting better, it isn’t working. Something needs to change.

I think Coach Rose is a pretty good recruiter, but he’s not good at player development or talent evaluation once someone is in the program. I definitely don’t blame him for Mika’s departure, but imagine the below rotation that could have been this year.

C - Mika
F- Childs
F - Bryant
G - Chatman

6th Man - Emery
7-9- Dastrup, Haws, Mixon (?)

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I second that. Rose has been a fairly good recruiter but Never develops his bench, plays his horses to long in games and they gas out. It is not like he has talent on the bench, he just does not develop the talent he has. He should retire.

We had only 4 turnovers. The game was lost missing so many shots. And, as I’ve always said, no matter what the refs do the game and goal is to outscore the other team. Had we shot 6 for 22 three point shots we would have had a good chance to win.

What has to happen is for our players to drive and take more midrange shots and acout 8 to 10 less three point shots.

Disagree. I want everyone to be able to score from as many places as possible, especially the three, because it puts constraints on the defense. But I think ultimately you have to attack the weak spot in the defense from game to game and play to play. You’ll get more, and better, opportunities if you can stretch the defense especially pulling bigs away from the rim. But I don’t want to dictate what shots should happen, just how well we can take them. The rest depends on the defense.

I’m not ready to give up on him. There is no reason Rose can’t do that. It’s a simple switch in minutes. He just needs to see it. In other words, that’s a conversation his bosses need to have with him. And again, I want to know who the heir apparent is before we dump a solid coach again. I don’t mind doing it if we have a better option.

Coulda, shoulda, woulda.

USD didn’t give us open 3’s. They contested most of them. As you said, when the defense can contest 3’s take the ball inside and put up shorter shots. 37% won’t win any game. 22 threes was way too many especially making only 3 of them.

And I agree with you for that specific game, but not as a blanket principle.

WE SHOULD NOT EVEN BE HAVING THIS CONVERSATION. WE SHOULD BE ABLE TO GO 3-20 FROM DEEP AND BEAT THESE TEAMS BY 15 ANYWAY. THESE TEAMS ARE G-A-R-B-A-G-E!!! WE SHOULD BE BEATING EVERY TEAM IN THIS BUSH LEAGUE (EXCEPT GONZAGA) BY 20-30 POINTS. Wow, that felt good!!! Our talent level will continue to degrade as long as we stay in the HS league. What HS star wants to play college games in half empty gyms in front of 1600 people???

I know you’re serious, but I laughed so hard. Excellent use of all caps!

Already said this but the gym thing is a problem, I agree. It wouldn’t be as big of a problem if we actually beat St zag 50%. The mwc has other problems to be fair…

Wow, I can feel the emotion loud and clear. You are exactly right. I am tired of reading grasshopper’s posts stating that if BYU had made 3 more free throws or 2 more 3 point shots or not missed 2 easy layups they would have won a game.

The losses and OT wins against the dregs of the wcc are ridiculous. It has been worse this year than in the past. To me that shows the team is trending downward. Teams are gaining confidence, they know how to beat BYU and they believe they can. How in the world does Pepperdine take BYU to OT this year? and how does USF do it in the MC this year?

You are right, this move to the wcc has been bad overall for BYU’s program. The team is not going in the right direction. Too many players are leaving and doing better elsewhere. Too many players are languishing on the bench.

Rose has to change his style and approach… it is time.

So, what change and approach must Rose take!!! YaVolt!!!

Preach. I have always hated the reffing in this bush league, touch foul, flop a second rec league. And just like Tom, I have always felt that BYU would not fit in the WCC, Recruits that have any kind of talent are not going to come to play in HS gyms. they are just not.

After 5 or 6 years it’s time we look in the mirror and make some changes

We need to win the WCC to give ourselves some options. Right now we have little leverage…so frustrating. I get the sense that the AD knows we have a problem but has no solutions. Investment would solve so many problems.

Tom is right. We need to get out of this crummy league.

LOL-nice frustration-sad part is-until we coach better-recruit better-play tougher-we are a third or fourth place team in the MWC