They are coming after your children!

After the gross Sodom and Gomorrah style exhibitions around the country in Gay Pride events this month, has anyone’s stance on any issues you had changed? Will the Brethren come out with more stern warnings and directions towards the LGBTQ communities at BYU and in our towns and cities seeing that the Trans are coming for our children now? I gather you did hear the chants that they are coming for our children. If not, wake up!!!

Of course they are coming after the children. The movement needs to be validated by increasing its numbers. The problem is that numbers don’t make
lies truths or sin virtue.

One of the big lies of the LGBTQ movement is that all they ever wanted was to live in peace and do
what they do without persecution and to have
basic rights under the law. As the decades have rolled by that has proven to be disingenuous.

I would never advocate persecuting people
but now they want to persecute you
If you don’t fully embrace their lifestyle.

The brethren teach us to love them and be kind to them. We owe that to all the children of God. We do not owe any group our acceptance of a life based on a lie which is what the trans life is based on.

I have several friends (more than 50) who are in this group of which you speak. I would tend to disagree with you on this point of “them” as a group.

Most of my friends (yes, they are my friends) just want to be treated with respect and kindness. They do not expect me to accept their beliefs, any more than I would expect them to believe what I believe.

I think like ALL GROUPS, there is a loud small radical faction of the group that wants the things that you mentioned. But that does not mean that the majority of the LGBTQ community agrees with them.

I see it all the time, in church, someone says something that is either not based in the gospel or inflammatory towards a group of people. the majority of the people in the ward “remains silent” because they do not want to “cause waves”.

I see the same thing in Politics, We have a far-right wing of the GOP that blocks good legislation from happening because it does not fit into how they think. But yet the majority of the Republicans do nothing about it. The same is true on the Democrats side as well. I think that is why the ordinary citizen things politics in the US is broken.

I see this same behavior at work, things happen by a certain group, and no one stands up against the behavior that is detrimental to the work environment.

That is why they call it the “silent majority”.

Unfortunately your friends aren’t driving the agenda. It is the vocal minority that is and they are who the mainstream media embrace. Right now it is the trans wing of the LGBTQ+ that is really making waves. Their movement is based on a lie that runs counter to science.

I read in the news today that a man was chosen as Miss Netherlands. Yes I am calling him a man because surgeries and hormone treatment don’t change a person’s sex. This is ridiculous and is on a par with trans women (men) competing in women’s sports.

The movement doesn’t represent your friends. I doubt I even know 50 gay people. I have worked with a few and had no problems with them. They were good employees and pleasant people but they aren’t the leaders of the LBGTQ+ movement and probably aren’t effectively a part of it. The movement is coming for the kids and the movement drives the agenda.

It may be true that a majority of the gay and trans community isn’t about what the LGBTQ+ movement is about but they either remain silent about it or have been shut down by it.

Floyd, I am glad you bought that up.

As a father, I did not choose to have a gay son.

As a member of the LDS church, I did not choose to belong to a church that felt that it had to tell the world through the, " Proclamation on the Family" that marriage is between a man and a woman. We have felt outside looking in for a number of years now.
Did we leave the church over it? Nope.

Are they coming after your kids? Nope
Sit down and ask 10 LDS kids if they can be influenced by some LBGT group? They will date who they want to date and marry who they want to marry. Ask 10 white kids if they are influenced by the proud proud boys movement. Ask 10 black kids if they want reparations or to be associated with the BLM movement?
The vast majority of our youth just want to live their lives and do NOT spend a thought on radial groups-Something, Scott, you also should do. Pick up a hobby or something.

Isn’t that true of any group of people? (Political parties, Religions, Civil Rights, etc.)?

I thought of you and your family when I wrote this.

Growing up, I never had to deal with the stuff you or your family has, but I know what it is like to be “outcast” because you come from a different lifestyle.

My father was a bartender for 38 years. In my 95% LDS neighborhood, our family was often shunned, not for anything we actually did, but rather for what my father did for a living.

Even after I converted to the church, instead of embracing me for making a difficult choice, they simply treated me as an outsider and not part of the ward (Not saying all ward members did this, but a very vocal small minority group did this).

You would laugh at what these people tried to convince others was true about me.

And yet, none of their children went on missions, married in the temple, stayed married to the same woman for 43 years nor have they been a faith follower of Christ for the last 47 years.

I have done all those things.

Not sure if I agree with everything here. I have a granddaughter that has a gay friend. Maybe even trans. She changed her name from Halie to Ezra. Still dresses as a girl when she comes over. But, she dragged my granddaughter to a gay pride event. I’m not happy about that. Hopefully, there were no men naked in front of the kids like elsewhere. I never heard of those men were arrested for felonies. Don’t think so.

Here’s how they do this. They get children liberalized in their schools. That shuts down the opportunities to teach correct principles such as the Proclamation of the Family. Which is another testament of potential families forever in the Celestial Kingdom. Break down that and we don’t have the Church of Jesus Christ.

Also, this is just one area Satan is working on to destroy our civilization with the liberties and freedoms we have enjoyed. You brought up reparations and the BLM movement. That’s another front of the armies of Satan. Getting races to hate one another again.

Abortion and a lot more fronts of this war we are in for the salvation of mankind. Yes, it’s a small faction of each group. But sides are being taken. Whose on the Lord’s Side Who?

Good for you! Not easy to do all that even for faithful members. My wife and I just had our 49th anniversary.

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Yet, the adversary is currently winning and destroying the fabric of society, the family. They have a couple of fronts in the war for the souls of mankind that isn’t the silent minority. The media and the school systems.

Your last paragraph is true. Supporting organizations like that could be opposition to the Church as stated in the Temple recommend interview.

It’s hard to know how many in the past wanted what’s going on now. I do know that the ERA amendment was actually about what is happening now with trans movements and gay marriage. In fact, their ultimate goal is to destroy Christianity. Pay attention to Fox News and you see this all the time. Pay attention to the liberal media and you won’t see much of it.