This article made me laugh

This article is pretty good about on what the defense needs to do for next year…

But the comment by the coach made me laugh:
“It will be tough to lose Corbin and Sione. They did it in opposite ways as seniors. Corbin always had a smile on his face at every practice and meeting — he was the fun party face, always having a great time. Sione was a guy you had to keep sharp objects away from because he’d use it on his opponents and his own team in a heartbeat just for the sake of competition.

Watching Takitaki on the field… I could see why they kept sharp objects away from him… LOL

Good article and a bit funny, I agree. What makes me nervous is the loss of these 2 players which leaves us without a meaningful pass rush. No pass rush equals losses!

Four years of college sports sound short. All we can hope for that new fb players will do much better than those two guys (Takitaki & CK). I know we are not Alabama like they get every year. But, we do have Kafusi boys still and hope for more of them in the future.

Try not to think about negative things after losing those two great players. Yeah, losing KVN was hard but we did pretty good.