This board is dead

Where is everybody? I love reading your posts but I’m not seeing much lately. Grasshopper and Hawks are great and post frequently, but where are the rest of you. Tom Larimer? Anything from your inside BYU source? Is the Big-12 dead?

McComber - any thoughts while shaving?

KC - I even miss your speculative posts where you tell us something big is going to happen and then nothing happens.

Well, not much going on with FB & BB but yes there are some others like VB, Rugby & Baseball. I am watching those games as of now and they are good games too. Yes silly things between SG & JH will never end but JH has the edge and SG drive me nuts. All is good here and looking forward to summer to do some family outings. I watch last night Houston vs GS was boring game and NBA is going down hill. I will watch SF Giants in the playoffs (if they will be in one) and that’s it. I will watch the Superbowl as long the commercial is good along with 49ers. I wish I can find a good place to trout fish near my home now but there still some ice at those lakes in Utah. As for Big 12, no news is good news I guess. Maybe other P5 Conference will call us before B12 does. Has Coach Krys left yet at TUN? I am looking forward watching many, many, many BYU FB & BB on tv for 2016 & 2017 and more but I wish that Directv would include Pac12 Network. I have a feeling we will see Arizona and utah on the road on Pac12 Net.

SF Giants started off great but let the Dodgers beat them 3 out of 4. And then get shut out last night. They need to get going if they are going to keep up the winning the World Series on even years :slight_smile:

Scott, KSL don’t report any MLB stuff in our area during evening news. Now that you just reported that Team Down South (LA) won 3 of 4 against the SF Giants, Well, that is a good start that the Giants got 1 win and the other team won 3. Goodie for them if they can keep it up with the rest of others till mid September. Like I said, IF the SF Giants are in the playoff then I will watch them in the playoff as long they are still playing. Or wait till next year playoff :wink:

Looks like I’m in the minority as I’m a big Dodgers fan. Giants fans - You’ve had your turn winning 3 of the past 5 World Series. You deserve a famine like us Dodgers fans. We haven’t won the WS since 1988 with Orel Hershiser and Kirk Gibson. We have consistently underachieved since then.

Not good enough. My brother’s side of the family are Dodger/UCLA fanatics. They were at the game Sunday and let me know about it because I let them know last weekend :-). Have to win this year!

Don’t worry, major league sports is pretty much boring stuff now to me. Hate to say this those players are over paid. Mixing up about other stuff to talk about, I told my Neighbor that Hockey is the most boring sport. He disagree with me because he loves the FIGHTS which of course he was from Canada. :laughing: So my favorite sport will start soon and I think I will go fishing in two weeks at Payson Lake, UT or Mt. Nebo. Beatiful place to relax and trout fishing.

The Giants beat the Dodgers 3 out of 4 at home. By the time the Giants visited LA, they started losing, and lost 2 out of 3 in LA. They hold a 4 games to 3 currently. :slight_smile:

Well here is something I heard on the radio (sports talk)…

they were talking about how BYU has returned all these former players to coach Football, the person talking said while he was up at the UofU spring camp, he asked the players and coaches about BYU. he reported that “to a man, everyone one them said it does not matter, because they are a PAC12 school, BYU is independent and they will beat them anyways.”

Noting that the recruiting is hurt by independence, their theory is the talent is less than what they can bring in…

Then that night, I was watching sports on TV and they announced that the PAC12 leading Utes got walloped by UVU…

So much for PAC12 Talent being better…

UVU baseball is good, a friend of mine is one their coaches and they have put together a good program.

You saw the post I made on recruiting versus U of U Byu has been hanging with them despite being in the pack 12