This country is in trouble

When both parties of over country has been taken over by extremism… Where no one wants to work with the other side.

Ronald Reagan was a great President, even he understood the need to work with the other party to get this agenda pushed through.

Now, when someone suggests any type of working together, they are demonized as being Rino’s or Dino’s.

On the right, you have a group of house and senate members who while Trump was in the “House” and the GOP controlled congress, where successful in blocking several good bills because it was not conservative enough. I know Trump was frustrated at times.

On the far left you have people in the Biden administration who are pushing “Green” without any realistic way to get there. They somehow think we will magically get there by waving a fairy wand or something.

For example, Biden Press Secretary Paski (what a moron) was asked why we don’t open up our oil production and her response is “why don’t you ask the oil companies why they are not producing on the 9000 leases they have?”

Well the Oil Industry is pushing back:
Energy industry swipes back at Psaki ‘red herring’ comment on oil and gas leases | Fox Business

BTW, if going green is so environmental safe and fossil fuels is so bad… Has anyone thought what we are going to do when we are told to buy electric cars and the batteries for these cars die?

The average life of a electric car battery right now is about 15 yrs. What do we do with the batteries when they no longer? Talk about toxic dumping!

I agree with your first statement. My perception is that BOTH Republicans and Democrats are party first, their bank accounts 1A and their power 1AA. The founders would all puke their guts out and then throw up their hands in complete disgust at the state, regional, national and Washington DC swamp.

Nice try to deflect that wokeism has infected even the good people allowing for evil to grow and persist and deceive even the very elect.

What deflection?
Is it not true that “Both” parties have been taken over by extremism? And as Arkie said are party first, their bank accounts 1A and their power 1AA.?

Is it not true that Reagan was known as the “Great Compromiser” because he worked with other parties to accomplish his goals?

Is it not true that Trump was frustrated with the far right “Conservative” group in congress for blocking some of his agenda?

Is not true that Biden has no plan or roadmap that makes sense going “Green”?

Is it not true that Biden Press Secretary Paski has no clue in hell what she is talking about when it comes to US producing oil?

Is it not true, that having dead batteries from Electric cars could be a environmental disaster?

So what Wokism am I deflecting?

Those things are not under the banner of wokeism. LGBTQ leftist changes like transgender athletes is woke. It’s defying good and righteousness where if it feels good, do it.

I would much rather live in a state of conservatism rather than communism.
Democrats no longer have much moderates anymore.

my comment has nothing to do with Transgender/LGBTQ issues, wrong discussion thread Scott.

My comment is about the state of our Federal Government and the parties that run it.

But my biggest point was to point out that Jen Paski Biden Press Secretary tells a report "let me give you the facts here. I know that can be inconvenient, but I think they’re important in this moment.”
That maybe she should actually know the "FACTS" about why Oil companies do not drill on their leased lands. "(See the link I provided).

I listen to her once in awhile, and it is like listening to someone dragging their fingernails over a chalkboard.

The thread is that the government is in trouble. It is always about the righteousness or unrighteousness. Is it not? Why do civilizations fall? They turn to evil and away from God.

But who is to say what is “righteousness” or “unrighteousness”? You?

Because I have shown in the past that your comments are not in line with what the Prophet of God has said, and you told me he was basically being deceived (remember the whole mask and vaccine comments?)

Do you know how many times “good” members have told me that I am “unrighteous” because I don’t live the way that they think I should?

Our beloved Prophet Ezra Taft Benson was a John Bircher (his day of far right) where he himself was called on the carpet by then President McKay for some of his comments.

Your righteousness is not my righteousness, only God can make that determination.

BTW, did you see in the news that some Russian Billionaire who I believe lives in California, has put a 1 million dollar bounty on Putin’s head?


There’s only one answer, right or wrong. The Prophets have taught us about righteousness. Your answer is one that deceives many to think they are following the right path. Either way, politics cannot be an excuse to promote unrighteousness. What we have discussed so far is clear what is right. You want to debate trans participation in women’s events and bathrooms, that’s your choice. But wrong.

Yes, Prophets has taught righteousness, not some right wing republican living in California version of what is righteousness.

I choose to follow him, not you.

Keep trying to pigeonhole republicans. Doesn’t work.