This is a great human interest story

Not sure what he will do here at BYU, but I have to give it to the kid for overcoming obstacles in his life.

Yes, I read it yesterday. Jackson has not signed yet and is being courted by P5s. I love that he got this write up and that he feels like he is part of the BYU family. WE could do a lot for his family,

Sad that we missed on Gentry. hope we get the Romney kid and others on our radar.

I thought he decided to come to BYU?

“Jackson aims on arriving at BYU just prior to winter semester and then giving everything he has to earning a spot at the receiver position.”

I read it about few minutes ago and I agree that he was pretty much set in going to BYU starting winter semester.
What a good kid and taking care of his 2 younger brothers. Wish him success at BYU and in Provo.

Again as Floyd said, I believe Jackson kid will start this winter semester at BYU.
I haven’t heard anything about Gentry of where he is going. Did he signed to which school yet or did he said no to BYU?

he had narrowed it down to BYU, Virginia and Mich. Bronco got him. We thought he would come play here with his brother but No.

I can understand his choice. Bronco is / was LDS and no honor code and he can get a whole lot more looksee from NFL types at Virginia as they are an up and coming team on the national scene. BYU is an average team in the mid-west with MUCH less national recognition.

The only truth stated was he doesn’t have to worry about the honor code.

I believe he is going to serve a mission first, so anything can happen

That is the rub. His brother will be gone by the time Gentry gets off the mission.

Once again Grasshopper goes low and says something totally false, and against Church doctrine.

The honor code isn’t part of Church Doctrine. It’s BYU Doctrine. And, why would any member who has a pathway to do missionary work not go to BYU?
Floyd, why do you personally attack so much?

Look in mirror, because you not only attack other posters, you make insulting comments about players who choose not to come to BYU.

Be careful Floyd, we would hate to have to haul you back to rehab!!!

yep… I just get tired of people who profess to be “Christ like” make disparaging remarks about a young man (who is worthy to serve a mission) who chooses not to go to BYU.

I have dealt with idiots like that all my life, because I don’t meet “their standard” of what is a “good member”.

I just make the obvious reason why the top LDS talent most of the time don’t come to BYU. It’s why top non-LDS players don’t come too. The honor code is just too much and so are the acedemic reasons too. Lazy students.
The rest of you say the same things.
But, at last, another personal attack.

How many return missionaries go inactive? I believe it’s a fair amount that do. I know some of the athlete missionaries that have served in our area and weren’t going to go to BYU because they weren’t recruited by BYU. And the ones that were I’m sure were good people.
Before my baptism, the most influential missionary was a good person. I ran into him after we moved to Provo and I had been a member for about a year. He was seriously doubting his testimony. I talked with him and he thanked me for letting him know he was important to my conversion. But, there you go. Many return missionaries struggle after off their missions. Athletes aren’t immune.

Thank you Mr. Holier Than Thou.

Read #2,5 and 6 carefully.

I haven’t professed to be anything. You must be talking to yourself. Careful about that. And answering yourself! Problems :slight_smile: