This is a terrifying schedule

Must agree with Pope’s overall assessment. But must disagree as to why.

The schedule is terrifying because if the team does not go nearly undefeated with only losses to Gonzaga and maybe one or two others, the team will be NIT bound.
It is an ideal setup for the NIT, not the NCAA…maybe the committee will be charitable after Covid, or maybe Utah, SDSU, or Boise will be a surprise…but ouch.

Want some fun? read the comments of the article… Ute Trolls are out in force. :open_mouth:

The thing is most teams are in the same boat to get in enough games plus their league games. So, with a deep squad like BYU has we should be okay.

In a normal year I’d agree with Harold’s assessment. But this is far from normal. I would think/hope the committee would take into consideration the unwillingness of major conferences to schedule outsiders during Covid. I think we’ll be okay, but we definitely have fewer games where we can falter.

Those trolls has OCD and I tried to tell them to take their red pills and stay away

To travel all around the country in the time of Covid is just plain DUMB, STUPID and plain asking for TROUBLE and likely to cost us a number of games.

The combo of @USU, BSU, then Utah, @ SDSU so close together, really has me concerned. It would have the same effect as playing SMC and Gonzaga back to back.

Other then that, I would say, bring it.

I heard on Sports talk that the PAC-12 may allow OOC games this year because all the teams are having to cancel games… What BYU played USC, or Utah or Oregon???

Maybe Pope knew something about this BYU team that the rest of us didn’t know and that is why he said the schedule is terrifying. After yesterday it certainly looks terrifying. I think there is a lot of talent on the BYU team but unfortunately no chemistry at this point. You could even see that to a degree in the blow out wins in the first 3 games. There is no set rotation that I can see and this team just hasn’t played together long enough. They might not be very good until mid season. Let’s hope they don’t lose their confidence.

BYU lost its 3 best players from last season plus Seljass and Nixon and now Baxter has been lost. You generally can’t replace that kind of experience overnight unless you are Kentucky and can reload with 5 freshman 5 star players every year.

Exactamundo. We will know tomorrow.

Why will we know tomorrow? BYU just beat a very good St.Johns team. Pope started with a new starting 5 and rotated 3 or 4 others. I’m not sure why he had Harward in at the end. Haarms should have been in. Harward gives us no offensive threat down low.
Harding looks worse this year. AB a d BA dribble too much. And free throws going down the stretch is pathetic. Other than that, much better today. Oh, like I said months ago, George is going to become a Star in this team.