This is for Jim and KC

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Interesting article and obviously makes sense. This is something I have always known.

So Chris, why did you say it was for me? Is there a specific message I needed to get from this? to temper my expectations?

I always do that… hehe.

I just thought that you were the ghost writer.

While I completely agree with what he said, I will say that when you have a gifted QB, Like a Young or Detmer, a team like BYU could win a big game now and then. That is the reason why a Boise State could pull off a Deep run while a BYU, who stacks up with away games to the likes of ND or MSU etc. will always fall short.

The Indy schedule of road games will never allow even a great team to win them all. We would have already played in multiple BCS or New Years 6 bowl games had we stayed MWC