This is just hard to watch

Finally move the ball and penalty happens. Then, miss a field goal. Now, give up long pass…

Pretty obvious that team speed and team athleticism is not BYU’s strong suite against the 2 P5 schools and almost a deficit against Portland. Sad, sad, sad.

We never have been. But, we won. National championship and have beaten some great P-5 teams.
Too many mistakes again. Our D is bending but not breaking. It goes back to the offense. Bad calls and that pick play instead of a touchdown. Missed field goal from 10 yard line.
Tanner is throwing better but still all the passes are short passes.

Mangum isn’t the guy if we want to win and open up the offense. Corners need to move up and press on short yardage. Just amazing that the wide receiver picked a defender… Just really dumb players or lack of basic coaching

That’s lack of discipline. But, coach needs to yank Tanner.

stop living 25 years in the past.

different time, different game.

Balcony. This is ridiculous

I would like to hear a plausible explanation on which coaches thought we had not one, but 3 or 4 rbs better than Tolutau- td down kid. What could possibly be their excuse for not putting him into the games so far this season???!!?

And why wasn’t he back in the next series?

are ou serious? the game has not changed since 1984?

now I know you do not understand football.

The ball is still thrown overhand. Touchdowns still made the same way.

dyes, but defense are thousand more prepared against the pass than in 1984…

the problem we have currently is:
A. inexperience OC.
B. weak O-Line
C. piss poor receivers.
D. A scared QB.

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And, with all that, that was a winnable game. Should of had one more touchdown that ended up with a missed field goal.

who could catch a ball on BYU side?

Hilo(WR) should be benched!

Who would come in for him? They try and run with the ball before they catch it. Tanner missed some open receivers too. Utah’s QB didn’t.
Turned out to be a winnable game.

If Utah hadn’t shot themselves in the foot so many times they would have scored more points. It is just a crying shame the Cougars are patsies for the Utes. Each of the Utes units were superior. After next week’s game the Y will be 1 and 3. Look at the last 21 games with the Y and the Utes - total domination by U of U. Embarrassed and very sad.

Shot themselves? Sometimes the team they are playing creates that. Again, if we got 400+ yards they wouldn’t have done as much as they did. Our defense isn’t the problem.
We found our running back. Talotau. That will help Tanner or whoever is QB.

If we screw up, we shot ourselves in the foot. If our opponent screws up it was because of our superior play. That is tribble logic.

The trouble with tribbles is they multiply without logic. Therefore, my logic is superior.
The OL is not the issue.

Roy, Grasshopper, Thawk, and Floyd,

Nobody among us is more disappointed than I, in this years performance, however, where we do differ is that I believe that we have the best coaches available for the money we offer to coaches to coach at BYU with our Honor Code and other Church restrictions. (Head coach must be a member in good standing in the LDS church) etc.

I am not suggesting that we change the Honor Code nor the Church restrictions.

For those yearning for our past coaching staff, take a look at the scores and the win loss column of the University of Virginia where they now coach. Take a look at the SOS they had (nobody), and compare it to the SOS that we just had.
( #12 LSU, #10 Wisconsin, #23 Utah Utes, I think that where we do agree is that something has to change.

Aside from those things that we know we will not change, we must brain storm to make loud suggestions on possibilities where positive change can bring positive results.

Keep doing things that do not work is less than intelligent. Thinking that we are doing all that is possible is insane.Instead of pointing fingers and discouraging those that are doing their best, we should spend that energy figuring out what can be done differently in order to bring about the needed change.

Never before, not even in our glory years, have we consistently played the SOS schedule that in the past 2-3 years we have played. It is wearing on us, while other have figured out what we do best and how to stop it.

Please have patience with me and allow me to make further observations in another post. Thank you.