This is why I think Democrats are a joke!

I found this article on the MSN homepage. Honestly, I find it hilarious that a governor of any state would think signing something this silly into law is something that is of any substance. I am still laughing at the whole thing. It is not that I think the law is somehow tremendously harmful, but I find it shocking, and at the same amusing that MSN would post this article about something so trivial. It seems that there are much more pressing matters. I guess the news media right now is having to find something to praise Democrats for.

La. governor signs CROWN Act into law, nearby states continue to debate legislation (

Unbelievable for sure!

Now that sounds stupid

Covid has messed up a lot of already messed up people.


A China conspiracy for sure. What is in that virus that causes psychotic symptoms in Democrat liberals?

I think Covid-19 made a lot of people more sensitive to things that in the past has not been that big of a deal.

For instance, my wife is a school teacher, for years parents have sent their kids to school when they had a cold or flu not worrying about who might get infected. Now other parents are all up in arms if these parents send their kids to school sick. "It might be “Covid-19”!

The other side is that in the scriptures the Lord foretold of the time that men (and women) would drift from “what is right” to “what’s in it for me” (paraphrasing here).

I think a lot of the issues like what the article brings out is based on people wanting to be a “victim”, rather than dealing with obstacles in their lives. It is easier to blame than take responsibility.

I believe that too many people have tunnel vision when it comes to their viewpoints and beliefs and Covid-19 only made it worse.

Just my thoughts.

You were doing great until that last paragraph :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Laughing with this one where few people Do have tunnel vision when comes to genetic disorder in their eyes.

my wife is a Elementary teacher working near your home and two years ago One parent sent his daughter to school While he was waiting to get Covid-19 test results back. When he found out he went to get his daughter few hours later and luckily my wife was not exposed from this student.