This ought to get some Cougar fans upset

Christian Stewart (BYU) throws for Dres Anderson (Utah) to help with Dres Pro day…

He was called by his former HS coach Fred Whittingham…

I saw that yesterday on this paper which did surprised me but not upset. He was just being nice but he should not get hired with the u in whatever. Sneaky u for whatever they are doing.

I haven’t heard anything about Christen trying out for nfl or cfl but he is aiming for better future in business is all I can tell. And wish him well.

Stewart has a well paying job in SF after graduation… so I am not sure he even cares about going to the NFL…

He did this as a favor to Fred Whittingham… I think that is all it was.

Dres did say that the NFL should look at him … “kid has an arm”…

He has an arm, but is far from an NFL talent. Good for him, ar least they didn’t have to use him for spring ball up there as well.

Your comment demonstrates that you know very little about how recruiting, and shuffling of players happen at BYU…

Since you have an inside source, why don’t you register your complaint with him… maybe he will give you the shoulder to cry on…

Your constant harping on the Staff is laughable, because there is no way in Heck that Bronco could replace all three QB’s in that short of amount of time, because as many knows Scholarships are offered years in an advance (Standard practice these days). They thought they had enough for Spring until Hill (the other one) went down with an injury and the third QB could not come to BYU for other reasons…

Not sure what the Great and Mighty KC could have done, seeing that he has no clue what is on the recruiting board at BYU right now.

So answer me this KC: Did BYU “Suffer” anything at ALL with Stewart helping out? seriously Coach KC, what would you do with the situation that Bronco faced? I WANT DETAILS KC… not your normal rambling…

List the names of schools who have used a graduated player in spring practice like we did this year. List another season in the history of BYU when this occurred. Name for me another top 50 program who doesn’t have at least 3 QBs in their program today.

I once had a pop warner team that I had to use an older kid to fill in at practice when my two QBs both had chicken pox the same week, but even then I had my third string QB taking reps with the starters. It was only practice, but last I checked that’s how teams get better.

The proof will be in this seasons record and performance, and even more should Hill miss any time again this year, we may be regretting not giving reps to another QB, even a walk on. Bronco blew the scholarships this year, and his lack of preparation does not get him a pass with me.

First of all, BYU does have three quarterbacks in their program today. They are Taysom Hill, McCoy Hill and Hunter Moore. Hunter Moore was the only one healthy enough to play; however, BYU needed two healthy quarterbacks to have a good spring practice. Since Taysom Hill will start next year, he participated as much as he could. Our primary backup will either be McCoy Hill (injured) or one of the players that will join the program in the fall. Since every team has players that will not join the team until the fall, the fact that BYU has players that fall into this category is not surprising.
Your arguments seem to be in order:

  1. If we can’t show where this has been done before, it is bad. That is a non sequitur argument. Just because it hasn’t been done before, does not mean that it is bad. BYU is not the first team that has had personnel issues for spring practice. Tennessee this year had multiple problems due to players exiting the program unexpectedly. They had to get creative for spring practice. BYU is simply being creative. By making this move it allowed for their receivers, running backs, linemen, etc to get live action work.
  2. If we can’t name another program that has problems at quarterback, this situation is bad. In addition to the fact that BYU has the 3 quarterbacks that you requested, this is also a non sequitur.
  3. BYU has never done this. This is an argument known as an appeal to tradition. It is not a valid argument any more than it would be a valid argument to tell Coach Edwards that BYU should not pass the football so much because BYU has never done that before.
    There may indeed be a time that BYU wishes they had a quarterback with more practice reps. The fact that they don’t however does not mean that the coaches have “blew the scholarships this year.” It simply means that two of the three quarterbacks that were scheduled to be on the roster got injured. It was unfortunate. The solution of wasting reps on a walk on that would not force the rest of the team to work at game speed does not seem like a good solution to me.

Hill was injured a long time ago, and so was Hill. That spot should have been given to another QB either walkon or transfer. We couldn’t close the deal with one transfer and we were lazy and didn’t get it done with the others who wanted to transfer. Also we turned away 2 local walk ons and have a emergency 4th QB on the roster that we didn’t want to give the reps to.

No other program did what we did. It’s poor coaching and planning by Bronco, and we will see by the end of the season what toll it had on the program.

I love it KC… you claim to be a BYU fan and yet you bash them at every opportunity you can get…

Your premise is flawed… mostly because I think you have a bug up your butt about Bronco…

For the record:
McCoy Hill suffered a sprained left foot and was out all month, Moore, a walk-on, according the QB coach wasn’t ready to run the offense every day.

So if they had a walk on or gave another QB a chance, could they run the offense effectively? the answer is “NO”.

Then in the fall when we get I believe three more QB’s comes in, what do we do with the new Scholarship QB? tell him “thanks for playing, we only needed you for the spring ball, now get off the field”?

Why this bothers you so much, baffles me… they tried to plug a hole temporarily until fall (Which is the real practice for the season).

Stewart had eligibility left (That is why they could do it), because of some fluke things happening, he helped his team out… why this is a problem I have no clue.

Oh by the way, did you check your inside source to see what he thought about your rant?

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Again, who else does this? Who else has ever done this?

How does a current roster player get better? Why some fans give the staff a pass on this crap drives me crazy. You guys are blinded by your loyalty to mediocrity. Please no complaining when things don’t go as planned.

Once again, your argument is fundamentally flawed. By asking “who else does this?” you are arguing that since no one else does this, it must be bad. That argument is not valid. There are quite a number of things that BYU does that no one else does. They are not all bad. Additionally, just because no one else does something does not mean that BYU shouldn’t do it.
The bottom line is that the BYU coaches felt that, given their options at quarterback, it would be better to have the rest of the team practice with a quarterback that was capable of running the offense than it would be to try to train a quarterback in the offense that was not capable of running the offense. They felt that the time spent training the quarterback would be wasted because they would not be using that quarterback later. The coaches might be wrong. However, I think there’s a better chance that you’re wrong.
You seem to think that the only position on the field that needs practice is the quarterback. Since the primary offensive problem last year was the offensive offensive line, I am personally glad that they had the opportunity to practice with someone capable of running the offense. Since the defense also was a problem last year, do you think it would be better for the defense to have someone inexperienced and mistake prone throwing against them, or do you think it would be better to have someone that could cause them problems throwing against them?
Since I don’t often complain about the team, I don’t think your last statement will be a problem.

How do you know no one else does this? Honestly! How many colleges have football programs? You can’t say nobody does this.

Second, you can’t say if this is good or bad either. As others have pointed out, the offense got to run at top speed with Stewart. So, the line, receivers, running backs all got great work in. How is that bad? Floyd’s right. Why do you bag on BYU so much? You do the same with the Brethren too bagging on the Church.If it isn’t the way the “world” does things, then we are somehow horrible and wicked. To please you, we just have to be worldly…

To me, practicing with 10 guys who are on the team, and one who is not speaks volumes. It it were a WR, RB, ect I would still be considering this unexceptable, the fact that it was at QB, a position that has cost us multiple wins in the past 5 seasons when a starter goes down and the second and third string is not ready and takes them a few games to get the reps under their belt. Well, we just wasted reps for our young QBs that should another multiple injury at QB season hit again this year, leaves us wondering why we didn’t give these guys reps in practice.

Now if you are saying we don’t have 2 capable QBs who cns learn the offense enough during spring ball, to make the practice worth while, we are again failing at recruiting and in our transfer recruitment. We knew we would be down at least one, possibly two QBs for spring, and yet we still fell short in our preparation for this. That is on the coaches an no other program in the country that claims to be top 50 and BCS worthy has used a former player for spring practice.

But you all keep drinking the cool aid and keep giving Bronco his long leash, just don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Don’t worry, I won’t say that you didn’t warn us that the sky is falling because the football team has to deal with injuries.