This pretty much sums up the issues with BYU football and the sports program in general

All right. To be clear, I’m guessing the future just like everyone else. And there are smart people who agree with me over Ty too. I’m not the only one. Remains to be seen how Kalani thinks on the issue other than he felt Ty wasn’t getting it done.

Just like I don’t necessarily care about losses, I don’t necessarily care about wins. I care about how you played your hand. Ty drove me insane last year. I count myself as one who was excited when they announced him. Didn’t like it when explained his system but I went along with it. I was continually surprised and confused by his play calling and then later it became predictable and bad at the same time as he was forced to simplify certain aspects. The team won 9 games but the offense didn’t contribute much to that. Their two signature performances were against UMASS, a horrible defense and team (ugh for this year) and Toledo (great offense, horrible defense) They put up 50 points in those games because they were able to impose their will on lesser players with 2 nfl players and Jamal being a once in a decade player for BYU and Taysom who finally stayed healthy. Even in those games, play calling frustrated me because I felt like they were misplaying their hand even as they were winning. This was put on display more clearly against better competition. Teams with power up front defensively made us look stupid. For me that’s the biggest problem: we can’t win with this system against better teams. That’s the big test, what scheme gives me the best chance against LSU, Wisconsin, and Utah and then hopefully whoever we face in a bowl? Ty couldn’t really work outside of the system he runs because he’s an inexperienced system coach. We can beat San jose state any number of ways, but gives us the best chance against a wisconsin? Not saying we’ll win that game but what moves the needle from a 10% chance to a 25% chance? If you have a different priority, I can understand that. But that’s my focus.

I agree in part on both points. They did Ty wrong. He shouldn’t have been hired as OC, only as QB coach if he wanted it. This was opportunistic by TH to sell excitement. Maybe he thought it would work. But hindsight is 20/20. That said, Kalani had to let him go or demote him or whatever. If he doesn’t and Ty’s system fails again next year, which in my view is likely (yes I’m guessing) then Kalani is gone and Ty with thim. Kalani did what he thought gave him the best chance at keeping his job. If he didn’t fire him, that would be used as indictment against Kalani. I would’ve failed too, but for different reasons. Ty failed because he tried to work from the system to the players, and not from the players to the system. Then when he ran into a brick wall, he struggled to adapt and work outside of it. I also wonder if he was overwhelmed with the managerial garbage that comes with it. I can’t tell how good of a teacher/communicator he actually is either. QBs seemed to like him.

Oh you’ll get your wish if he does. And I’m right there with you. Fans can argue about needing patience, but that’s just the reality of the modern game. Adapt or die.

I feel your frustrations, but you can’t run a program on emotions. I wish Ty the best.