This should make Jim Hawks happy

Pope is reaching out to Europe…

Nothing makes a skeptic happy :slight_smile:

Right on Floyd.

I love it when a coach or sportswriter agrees with the things I have said. It just proves that I know what I am talking about and makes the grasshopper look silly.

So, if one doesn’t agree with you that makes them idiots? How humble :rofl:

Jim has been complaining about the issues that ultimately lead to Roses retirement … for about 5 years. Jim was correct and should be listened to. Insight and correct analysis can’t be over stated!

Actually, only time will tell. Will expanding to Europe and Brazil do more for BYU basketball?
Where I hope Coach Pope will make a difference is with players staying loyal to BYU and play all 4 years. Obviously, if we were able to land a Frank Jackson type 5 Star then he may still only be a one and done. But, no more of these Mika’s, Child’s and so on leaving when they should play another year or two. Childs is a slightly different case as he has the physical skill and strength to play in the NBA.

Won’t happen not in today’s environment, 4-5 Star athletes are basically “one and done”. Players coming out of high school say like Frank Jackson wants to get into the NBA as soon as they can. So they go to Duke, BYU or some other school for one year because of the age limit of the NBA and then they declare for the draft (i.e. Frank Jackson, Donovan Mitchell, etc.)

Kids today are way more prepared to make the jump than back in our day of playing…

I think it is better for these kids to stay and learn from coaches, but right now, it’s not happening any time soon.

I would agree with 5 Star. Not so much with 4 Star athletes. Childs, Mika and so on aren’t good enough until at least their senior year. And, even then, they would benefit more staying loyal to their school. Loyalty has disappeared in our society.

Fortunately these comments had nothing to do with what I said, but that is usually the case. Your comments rarely have much to do with what is being said… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: