This statement explains alot about BYU basketball's

Ups and downs…It is from an article about BYU transfer that are playing well and specifically on Davis:

“Davis said he loves the fast-paced style of BYU basketball and the freedom Rose gives them as they play. Nashif agreed and said transfer athletes are “pleasantly surprised” at the offensive freedom they receive. He said it’s easier to join a college basketball team as a transferring player than as an incoming freshman”. - See more at:

There are two ways for me to address what I have already known for years.

  1. KC is a rare talent but he should be playing the 3 and we should be using a true point guard
  2. TJ is going to tear it up here at BYU.

Is this site dead or what!!!

Corbin is thinking about playing tight end next year. Rose needs to re-think some things. Austin sometimes plays good D. But he’s a liability on offense. Corbin needed the time on the court to prepare for league. Sitting and not developing gets players down. We saw what he can do last night. Hopefully he plays more now and gets happy about basketball.

Are you suggesting we have a D league to develop players or we play to develop players instead of play for W’s? I would never make a good coach because I would play those who perform best in the games and salt in others for experience when the risk for turning a W into an L is not too high.

Players don’t get better bench sitting. Corbin has more talent than Austin. He produces more on offense. Sitting him when he struggles for a few extra minutes can help. Not for ten games.