Thought about the game

We got off to a great start. But, we couldn’t open up a big lead because we kept missing layups and free throws. Fortunately, in the 1st half VT wasn’t playing and shooting good.
Second half, VT heated up and we couldn’t stop their quickness driving to the basket.
We shot a good percentage from 3 range but due to many missed layups and blocked layups our overall percentage was lower than it could have been.
Fortunately, we shot a lot of FT at 70.6%. We had only 8 turnovers and 17 assists.
We got pounded on the rebounds until the final couple of minutes where I think VT ran out of gas.
Gutty win where we lost several games at the end this year.

surely it was a conspiracy…no other way BYU beats an ACC team in the MAC

childish comment…

It was nice to see a game officiated fairly and evenly. Both teams had players in foul trouble, both teams had strengths and weaknesses. It was like a heavy weight prize fight. That is what a game should look like.

No reason for any conspiracy when it comes to the NIT because there is really nothing at stake except living to play another game.

If you took some time to understand what Reed, Craig and others are actually saying, you might not get all fixated on the word conspiracy…

I hate this site!!!

Remember, a conspiracy doesn’t have to be about money. It can be refs that don’t like Mormons :wink: