Thought it was going to be a blowout?

We beat them twice by a total of 7 points. Jim didn’t know that. The reason? Same as we are seeing today, not able to stop their drives in the lane. And, missing 3’s after starting really hot. UCF also got hot from 3s.

Now, what is going on with Hall? Does anyone have information?

So I go to the big 12 tourney site to see how the cougars are doing, since I can’t watch the game.

2024 Big 12 Tournament bracket, schedule: Live updates, college basketball scores, NCAA Bracketology -

anything weird about the bracket that is in the Article? :open_mouth:

Look at who it says BYU should be playing. LOL Love Typo’s.

Okay that does it!
Every time I check the score, BYU starts losing steam… Not going to check until the game is over! that way, BYU has a better chance to win! :open_mouth:

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We shot 46.7% from 3s. We also made 12
More free throws.

I watched every second. Got a little wooried a few times but great patience and resilience by byu.
Hall a- controlled game and tough defense against an elite guard
Johnson b+. Great d. Cooled their Johnson down a little bit
Kalifa b good first half - got tired
Knell c+ had value 1st half. 12 points a major upgrade for him. Kept out quite a lot end of game. Smart move by Pope
Fouss a- Once got acclimated they had no answers. The man!
Waterman b. Steady. A plus
Saunders. Started out a non factor and finished huge
Robinson c+. Good first half. For him, pretty pedestrian

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Great shooting
Agree. A lot of wide open shots. Fun to watch

What’s up with Hall? He came out 10 minutes left in the first half and didn’t come back in. He looked better the 2nd half but still not the same.

I’d give Robinson an A. He played a lot of the point because of Hall’s absence. His D was good as well.

I’d also give Knell a B+. 2-2 from 3. 3-5 from the field. No turnovers and 5 rebounds. Maybe an A-

SEE IT WORKED! I didn’t watch and BYU played better! LOL

now you’re actin like me, hahahaha. Love the ride

A, best he has played in ages

He played under control. He went straight up for his 3s and they went in.

Compared to how he’s been playing, Knell had a superior game. I’ll move him from C+ (I was basing that more on value to the team winning the game) to a solid A-.
He played to his strengths - wide open shooting and giving others a good rest without a big drop off. D wasn’t bad either. A couple times he was overwhelmed. We saw Pope’s protect a lead D the last 6 minutes. - Hall, Fouss, Saunders, Waterman and especially Johnson. Good game coach!
Very Happy to see Knell come back with a good game. Hope he continues that.

OK, timeout…Knell played an A game on offense. When we were bleeding points, Pope subbed him out for Saunders or Robinson. I was in no way commenting on his D. Once Saunders came in at the end of the UCF run. We immediately jumped up to a 13 point lead from a 3 pt lead. it is what it is. Saunders and Spenc took BYU home on both ends of the courts. Hall was SOLID to end the game.

I think if you reread my post, I’m pretty close to saying the same thing. As game was into the last 6 or so minutes I kept thinking, please don’t put Knell back in. The players in there are best D players we have.
And they showed that.

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You have no idea what you are talking about. What do you mean I didn’t know that? You must have been confusing the message of the texts being sent back and forth. I couldn’t watch the game because I was on a field trip with kids. You sounded pretty negative most of the time which was strange because you are usually predicting wins no matter who BYU is playing. I told you to hang in there and try to be positive…

I told you OSU was not a good team and UCF showed it to be true. I told you not to worry and just hope BYU would hold on… You "didn’t think it was going to be a blowout, even after the game started.

It ended up being a blowout.

Time to reassess where you are at.

It was not a blowout. 14 points is not a blowout. They got within 3. Not a blowout.

Finally, was able to watch a tape of the game last night. I will admit I do not follow the team that close, but I wanted to share a few observations. I could be totally off on some of my views, which is fine, those that have more knowledge is free to let me know where I am misled.

  1. The first 5-10 minutes of the game, BYU did the Pass/Weave/Slice offense that was very affective in getting out to a big lead. Then they changed, and that is where UCF came back. Not sure why.

  2. Hall like to dribble too much, now I will say that this is a personal peeve of mine. In my opinion it simply disrupt the flow of the offense.

  3. Speaking of Hall, I noticed that he never looked to the right of the court to see one of the players were open. He focused mostly on the left side where Foose was. again, not sure if this was the plan or not.

  4. Foose has what Jerry Sloan called “soft hands”, meaning that when he brings the ball down, the opponents can slap the ball away from him. I saw it three times.

  5. ESPN or whoever needs to have a better “color” guy. The man was making so many wrong comments about “Fouls”, it drove me nuts.

For instance, when Johnson of UCF drove to the middle and Foose went up to block the shot and was called for a foul and ended up on the floor and on review, the center for UCF was called for a Flagrant. The Color guy was adamant that the UCF player was simply setting up and blocking out. the reason that I could see why the Flagrant was called was because the center moved under Foose, while Foose was in air, which is extremely dangerous.

  1. I thought the officials were going to the replay way to much.

  2. Khalifa play was impressive; I think one reason that he was played only in spurts was because of his fasting. I think Pope is trying to keep his player hydrated as best he can. At times you could see Khalifa panting after plays, which could be a sign of fatigue brought on by the fasting.

  3. I will be interested in seeing the difference between officiating in the BIG12 vs what will happen in the Tournament will be. There was a lot of bodies flying on the floor at times during the game. How will BYU adjust to a more finesse officiating?

BTW, I was not aware that “The Richie Saunders” was the kid I watch grow up in Riverton. I knew his parents through my officiating years. Fun to see him succeeding.

I hope BYU can get past Texas Tech, I would love to see how they do against Houston.

This is a new one. I agree with all you said. The answer the offense changes is mainly when Fouss comes in. Khalifa doesn’t play the low post offense that Fouss does.

The weave works when the defense isn’t pushing us way out. See what TTU does in an hour.

Hall just doesn’t look the same. I know some think he was the MVP. I didn’t. I think the team was the MVP and there weren’t any real standouts. They all stood out as a team.

Both Fouss and Hall have soft hands. Fouss doesn’t protect the ball well and also dribbles too much.

Why was Robinson, who was the 6th man this year, play so little yesterday?

Pope was attempting to give as much rest as possible and still win the game. We may play 4 games in 4 days. It should be interesting to see how we respond today.