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Thanks-good article-Hill made me a Saints fan!

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Ya but why didn’t he play QB in the last game of the season when they rested the starters? That was just wrong. I hope a lowly team that hasn’t a QB will trade for Hill. Like the Raiders!

The last game wasn’t important to risk losing some key (including Taysom) players.

He’s not a key player. He should have played.

Taysom is a key player, a strategic player, the most versitile player on the team. But he is the third string qb, not backup.

I am just a casual fan who may not know what is best to certain players when comes to playoff position and Taysom Hill has a history at BYU when comes to freak accidents. I was fine about Taysom not playing as a starter (QB) during that last game of the regular season. Tomorrow the NO Saints will have a new playoff season and wish the team well and as well to Taysom Hill of what area he will be playing.

Eagles vs Saints playoff. Taysom Hill ran in the middle to get a 1st down to keep the drive alive when they were at their OWN 30 YARD LINE. Sean Payton is a real gambler. Was it Coach Kalani Sitake doing the gamble or was it Johnny Ruby doing it on that fake punt in his own end zone? And TH had a TD with his 47 yard pass but was nullified for holding. And he alsomst caught a pass but the ball was knock down. Why Bonco M didn’t use TH like that?
Hope TH will win the game next week agasint LA Rams.

Hill is the reason why New Orleans won the Eagles game. The fake punt got them going after a 13-0 start. Hill is becoming a NFL darling. Go Saints. Love Drew B for MVP and a ring

Yeh I think the Saints defeat the Rams. Probably KC/NO. KC qb Mahones is nothing but good