Thoughts from the game

  1. Who needs lots of yards to win :rofl:

  2. Bend and don’t break defense is back

  3. Defense put us in the position to win

  4. Offense still has its moments.

  5. Okay, the score should have been 35-20. But, seems like the defense wanted to let Cincinnati get out of bounds on every play. How frustrating. Keep them contained inside to run off clock. That onside kick almost was good. I could see Sitaki frustrated as well.

Sitake was furious. There are going to be burning ears on some coaches after game film, he was not happy about that last score and the inconsistent substitutions that lead to early timeouts and genuine confusion on our defensive schemes.

One of the worst games I have seen BYU play and still win. Offense totally inept until the last drive of the half. Thankful they woke up in the 2nd half. Honestly the OL still needs work.

The defense was the most frustrating to watch. How do you not defend the quarterback draw, time after time. I don’t know whether to blame Hill, or the players for not executing their responsibilities. Tackling was poor at the latter stages of the game. Cincinnati should have never scored the last TD-looked like little league football.

Watching the frustration on Sitake’s face throughout the game was very telling. I’m not really sure if BYU is just lacking talent or they just aren’t putting out the extra effort on the defensive end of things and on the offensive line.

A win is a win but I hope they iron out a few things over the bye week. All in all-a very frustrating game to watch-not well coached and except for the big plays, not well executed or coached

Defense gets out of their lanes a lot. Never see the RB or QB run by them. At this point, it’s either lack of talent or lack of experience.
Slovis has to pass with more confidence at the beginning of games.
Hopefully, Davis gets more reps at RB too.

I do feel like BYU needs to establish gains on first down, hopefully 4+ yards. When you lose yardage or gain very little, it makes the rest of the possession difficult. Perhaps quick outs or running back swings will help. With a good running attack you can consistently get these gains, but BYU is getting stuffed at the line of scrimmage too often

Am I seeing things correctly? Do we get stuffed more when we try to run outside? Seems like it. We may get 3 yards starting up the middle. But, we also get some long runs too.

It is NOT a talent gap, we have all the skill players. 100% coaching. they have two weeks to figure some things out.

If that is true-then they aren’t playing up to their talent-and the resulting equation is either insufficient coaching or laziness-you choose😂

Not sure why Slovis, a skilled player, starts weak and almost scared to throw. But, once he gets hit a couple of times starts passing strong.
The skilled players are excellent. But the “unskilled” the line, are not playing up to their abilities when it comes to the run game.

Watching the game with a friend, we notice after the second half that the offense went into almost a 2 minute drill type speed.

I think Slovis does better in a speedup offense than the normal speed.

Hope that made sense.

Just something my friend noticed during the game.

He could be an elite cerebral QB. Thinks too much. Speeding up, he doesn’t have to think about what might go wrong and just pass the ball. Good points you have.

I think, Slovis, has done a great job overall, considering it’s his first and only year with BYU. Remember, he is most likely 98% of the time, calling someone else’s play call and I find little to criticize in the execution of plays, but am, often, in disagreement with the play calls being made.


Overall, Slovis has done well. Floyd just saw that when the coaches speed up the offense he does better. That’s true with a lot of Quarterbacks. But, we keep winning and score points. If we can get the run game going better.

I would have to say that I am happy with the record. Prior to the Arkansas game BYU was an underdog in every remaining game. I am cautiously optimistic. I think every remaining game except Tx and Ok are winnable. All of the remaining games are also games that could be lost. Seven wins would be a great season based on the expectations of the experts.

It is good to have 4 wins when people are finding plenty for BYU to improve on.

I 've got zero criticism of Slovis, without him BYU would probably be 0-5. Slovis is diving for 1st downs, risking injury. Way better arm then Hall although no one can match Hall’s feet. With the cadre of receivers we have to throw to, BYU can be in any game not named TX.

Just a fact he has weak and off-target throws to start games. Straighten that out and maybe we can hang with Texas

without a running game? hahahaha

Texas is a top 5 team nationally so a realistic expectation is a decisive loss. Hopefully BYU will
be respectable against them.

BYU is 4-1 against Texas with 2 blowouts, one other decisive win, a close win and a very close loss with Jake Heaps at QB. BYU has always been lucky to play Tx when they have been below par. That changes this year.

The running game is bad in the 2nd quarters and on too. Yet, his delivery and accuracy improves after the first few throws. Others in here have agreed with me as well. It’s something we all have said that all BYU teams don’t seem to come out at the beginning of games mentally.


BYU would not have won a single game without Slovis,