Thoughts on Adam's State

The team played very poorly for about 13 minutes. Even though they played better at the end of the half, I think it was an imprtant turning point for the season that Dave Rose was irritated at half time. The announcer asked about the positive end of the half and he responded, “we have a problem…” In the second half, it was clear. He expected a higher level of play and got it. I hope this game can be pointed to as a turning point for the season.

They were a D2 team. Hard to tell if it’s a turning point. When they play Utard we will know more.

Exactly-hard to say about this game. One thing is evident to me is Emery needs to bring the ball down. KC should get all his work from inside half-court. Toolson looks slow and unsure of himself and if he doesn’t shoot a high percentage…well you finish the sentence. I expect Fischer to get his act together but I like the fact he didn’t start the second half. Chatman does well and plays within the offense. I am looking forward to seeing Kaufusi and Mikka playing together. Aytes played within himself and did what you would expect him to. Davis was a little erratic the last two games but should be consistent. Like a lot of you-I don’t know what’s out there yet. If we played Utah Valley and Adams State every game their would be a lot of celebrating going on:)

I think any of the 3 guards can take the ball up the court which is a good thing to have. Toolsen just needs to play within himself and take the good open shots.
Kaufusi at the 5 and Mika at the 4 would be a great twin towers. They could play a good John Wooden high low offense too. Put the Haws kid at the point with Emery out there and what a nightmare for other teams.